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I want you to give me a benediction that I can be doing in prostration when the eyes of men are away from me during the night.

Peace unto you Sayid.
I want you for your love for lady Fatima to pray for me and my sick children and all of my family in your prayer and submission in your prostration to your Lord and in the shrine of my beloved lady Fatima al-Masooma… sir I put my hope on you do not forget me, and I sought from you do not reject me oh the son of al-Hassan al-Mujtaba… I want you to give me a benediction that I can be doing in prostration when the eyes of men are away from me during the night. May Allah reward you .
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Know your enemy the satan

My dear friends previously I was talking with you about knowing our first and unique arch enemy the devil the cursed one. I have cited many verses which introduce that enemy, now I am citing another verses in order to be in clear position. ... Read more

Know your enemy, the Satan

We will say in replying: that until the evil one is separated from the good one, verily, Allah’s is the conclusive argument! Until a faithful is known from a disbeliever, and the truth from the falsehood. For it is from the greatness of human that Allah creates him with freedom and choice; if he wishes he does, and if he wishes he abstains. ... Read more


Imam Hussain is the light and lantern of Allah in the world of reality, he is a perfect human being that his Lord’s beautiful names manifest in him, and the reality of his grandfather the most honorable. In his biography, his revolution for positive change has come to live as long as time exists.

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Part of prophet Mohammad (peace be up on him) prophecy breeze

»He has send him while people were confusing no one know where to go, being in disorder, passions astonishing them, then proud took them down, undermined them the ignorance of the ignorant, Confused in the earthquake of the Order, and the scourge of ignorance, then he done his best in advising, then continue in his own way, He called for wisdom and good advice« ... Read more

Secret from the secrets of Fatima(peace be up on her)

Zahra(peace be up on her) is the secret of the existence ... Read more

The Good and the Best from the lights of quran

The Explanation of Husn And Ahsan from the Holy Quran. ... Read more

The greatest transfigure

The level of (greatest mastery) for our noble prophet Mohammad and his progeny the infallibles (peace be upon them) is the most comprehensive in their existence, ... Read more

The inheritor of the prophets

The holy prophet said: it is written on the throne of God by a green color _whicht is the knowledge color_ Hussein is the lamp of right and safe boat) peace due to you O Abdallah father and all soul which fallen with you my eternal salutation due to you forever as long as I am alive. May not be my last ziyarat to you, peace to Hussein and to Ali son of Hussein, and the children of Hussein and the companion of Hussein. Peace upon you all and the blessing of God. ... Read more


Supplication is the central of worship, and the weapon of the believers and the prophets, and the key to all goodness and prosperity. For it protects against scourge, sends down blessing, makes his activities easy for him, and increases his capacity, and subsequently increases his blessing. Base on this we see from the tradition of the prophet and the school of Ahlul Bayt specifically making general emphasis on prayer and livelihood, especially; for prophets and their trustees, the friends of Allah and those who believe in him do not relent on prayer and seeking of livelihood. ... Read more

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