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The Modesty

The fundamental building of life ... Read more


Ali is a friend of Allah and his proofs against his creatures, and the representative of his prophet and the master of guardians. The names of his Lord manifest in him, and he bears all the qualities of the prophet (S.A.W.A), his knowledge, and his secrets that were put in his custody safe prophethood. He is the caller and the guider to the right path, he is the chosen one after the prophet to deliver the divine emanation to human being. He is the straight path, and the proper curriculum and the great event. He has the knowledge of the scripture and adequate discussion. ... Read more

The tested Hatm for love and intimacy between spouses

Hello dear brothers, as we have promised brothers and sisters the partners of Gifts and Masterpieces this is another part of that here it is: writ this Hatm and put it under your pillow ... Read more


And what is meant by scholars is he whose saying corresponds with his action. With the like of this scholar, when a scholar is righteous, the world becomes righteous; and with the like of this righteous scholar becomes blessing, he becomes a blessing to the creatures, he then safeguards the servants of Allah from ignorant, doubt and deviation. He guides human and the weakly to knowing Allah, his messenger and the Imam of his time, until their lives and death is of truth and knowledge. ... Read more


Through their activities of declaring Muslims as infidels and their discriminate attacks on all Muslims by relating with Islam and Muslims from a different perspective like the real Islam of Muhammad has being distorted by the rest of the sect, thus they came up with new Islam under the guardianship of al-Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdulwahab just as it is clear in his book "al-Tahwheed" (The Monotheism) that he and those who follow him are the true monotheist through the establishment of the true Islam and monotheism; for the rest of the Muslims, they have been compromised by the worst idolatry. ... Read more

what about you with Quran

There is no doubt that our glory prophet son of Abdullah is the best prophet and Master of the Prophets and he is the guide of the ways. He has left behind two Successors Quran and his glory household the infallibles and the pure (peace be upon them) ... Read more

What is the meaning of the narration which says anyone who visit Imam Hossein (A.S) is like who

What is the meaning of the narration which says anyone who visit Imam Hossein (A.S) is like who he visited Allah in his throne (Al- arsh) ?
It was reported (Whoever visited Hossein is like someone's that who visited Allah in His throne....), I need explanation on this narration and it's authenticity, actually the Wahabis (Nasibis) are taking unwarranted advantage of this narration for blackmailing the path of Ahlulbayt ( Shi'ism)?
... Read more

Why Ali Swores allegiance to Abu-Bakr Umar and Usman?

Why Ali Swores allegiance to Abu-Bakr Umar and Usman? ... Read more

Why do they call their children Abdi Rasul?

Shubuha on why they call their chidren Abdi Rasul. ... Read more

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