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what about you with Quran

what about you with Quran?

In the name of god the merciful the compassionate

There is no doubt that our glory prophet son of Abdullah is the best prophet and Master of the Prophets and he is the guide of the ways. He has left behind two Successors Quran and his glory household the infallible and the pure (peace be upon them) first is the silent Quran the written, Blogging and verbal one. Second is The speaker one which, people have gone away from him, some of them have abandoned the notation of Quran, and dealing with its words and pronunciation only, ignoring the practice of it in their life, and there are also some of them who throws the corporal one, and do not believe in his divine leadership and deny any kind of following them. Also there is no doubt that the virtue of the word of God over other words like the virtue of God over the other creators. we have bestowed to live in this world once, our duty is to be with Quran always in every details, make it as balance of our life, everything that agree with it is right and everything that is disagree with it is false.

We have to read Quran nights and days, acting according to it (who read the Quran in his youth time it will Intermix with his flesh and blood) (the best of you is who he reads Quran and practices it) because it is in the hands of the pure angels. when his flesh and blood are intermixed he will be with the archangels and prophets And guardians and the martyrs and the righteous, they are the best companion. Quran will be his shield and Intercessor. Quran is the direct dialogue between the servant and his lord, some time God talk to him through his society: (O' All human being) or from his specific part as believer (O ' whom they believe) he says read the Quran what is easy from it. It is narrated also in hadith that it is recommended reading Quran has not to be less than fifty verses daily, looking at Quran is an adoration too, touching it with cleanness (sharia cleanness, wudu or ghusl)  revives soul and lightened vision and extends sustenance. it is the treasures of God and his table, God show himself up in it, be with this holy book ask intercession by Quran, and benefit from its lights and reading. reading Quran has a huge reward but these aspects I mention are better than it. because maybe someone reads Quran and Quran successively is cursing him, it is what he is reading in Quran and does not act according to it such as: alas the woe that day for  those who deny. He will not say lie, and if he reads pray, he prays and if he reads fast he fasts the holy month of Ramadan as well he acts according to its teaching and its rules, he will not live with usury (riba) because Quran has declared a war with whom they live with it. Who ever do bad or good in any kind will receive the reward of it in the day of reward. 

A peasant came to the prophet (peace be upon him) he surrendered to the prophet as a believer, then he wants to read Quran, Prophet Muhammad says to one of his companion teach him, then that companion start to teach him the chapter of zilzal (the shaken) until the verse of: whosoever has done even an atom's weight of good will behold it. And whosoever has done even an atom's weight of evil will behold it. The peasant says this verses are enough for me I know what is my duty now, then he gone, this event has been narrated to prophet and he says: the peasant returned by being savant. As he knows that every work or whatever someone do he will receives the reward of that action and also he believes in the day of resurrection.

God has said: O' believers be pious by the very meaning of it And lookout what you have done for tomorrow, if not that day will come and you will regrets what you have done, that world is the world of eternity this world is the shadow of that world, world of panic and sorrow.

 Quran has many parts in his verses and chapters as narrated in the holy hadith,  its divisions are sometime according to his religion's fundamental (Usul deen) and its non fundamental (fruu adeen) and ethics. And other part according to his stories and wisdom and its legacy, one of its part is verses which everyone can understand but other part is not for everyone, but for the scholars one and the saint people, this come from the open chest of Islam, because knowledge is not learning much but it is a bright light that God put it in the heart of who he likes to guide that heart will be open one. And flattens his heart will be the throne of God, as narrated in holy hadith of Quds from God: my earth and heaven is not able to embody me but my servant heart is able to. this heart which could embody God has a signs such as: do not pay any attention for vanity House second: looking for the last day and third: think about death and be fully prepared for it, then the believer become active in seeking for knowledge and well doing, also become ready to get the realities and secrets of the world, there is no sense of the appearance and virtual knowledge, except to be background of heart and heavenly  knowledge, to reach the reality of Quran we need to have a open hearts and will reached only by a real adoring and humbleness not see for himself king nor beneficial not hurt nor life nor resurrection, the only thing he keeps in mind is the order of Allah and his Prohibitions, he is occupied in pray, not too proud for worshiping of  Lord nor flaunts his creation. The reality of Quran are in the heart of those who have been bestowed knowledge (Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his household) once in a day prophet was asked: who gives witnesses to your message? He replied God and who he has knowledge of the book, that knowledge belong to the household (p b u h) as narrated from Imam Sadiq (my father is the prophet and I am the most knowledgeable of quran) this is a specific father not father of matrimony, Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has the full understanding of Quran like Asif the angel of lady Balqis which has brought the throne of Solomon, he has part of knowledge of the book not full knowledge. go to west and east you will not find a man like prophet and his household in their amount of knowledge. their Explanation of Quran is the real explanation of Quran and faith,and the most known levels of Shia is as much as their version and their knowledge and expertise verses and hadiths, the knowledge is the know-how of the novel (God will raise those who believe and those who have knowledge in position) knowing the realities of Quran depends on knowing the household of prophet because they are twins.

Praise due to Allah the lord of the world                     

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