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Know your enemy the satan

Know your enemy  the Satan

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

All praises due to Allah, his lasting prays due to his noblest creature Muhammad and his progeny. Peace and mercy of Allah upon you all, my dear friends and brothers this message of salutation come to you from the nest of household of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) the holy Qom, I wish for you the best life which is filled with joy and love faraway from any kind of confusions or sorrows, and from any kind of evil and conspiracy of lechery. And also from any kind of evil of our souls and malevolent of devils.

My dear friends previously I was in talk with you about knowing our first and unique arch enemy the devil the cursed one. I have cited many verses which introduce that enemy, now I am noting another verses in order to be in clear position.Do you know how this enemy will laugh at us and mocks us in the last day?

read this verses carefully and repeatedly, to know the reality of Iblis: << Satan says when the decision is done>> that is the day of resurrection when the separation is done between the resident of hell and the resident of paradise, then Satan will say to the resident of hell: <<God promise you the right promise >> that is whoever believe in God and do right things that person will enter in paradise and whoever deny God and do bad things will enter to hell <<and I promise you>> then I ornament and make everything beautiful love of  intimacy, lust in women, love of children and wealth of silver and gold and animals such as horse plowing and planting, all this by lie and false << then I persuade you >> in the Promise, fixtures << I have no power over you» all my power is that <<I call you>> by mixing right and wrong <<then you answer me do not blame me blame yourselves>> the error comes from you by your own choice, why you follow me? You have seen the righteous and prophets they have hear their preaches, beside that also you have read the holy heaven books, God has provided you mind alongside, all this do not serve you from where you have been, then you obeyed me all this were false and fake, today what will you do?<<do not expect help from me>>  I am not the person whom will save you from God torment<< you are not the one whom will save me from it too I deny all kind of coworker or friendship between us before>> then you obey your soul, today you are your own oppressor no one else<<the oppressors are in the eternal torment>>

"When reckoning is over satan says"the promise that was made to you by God was indeed a true promise; but I went back on the promise I had made, for I had no power over you except to call you; and you responded to my call. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. Neither can I help. I disavow your having associated me earlier (with God). The punishment for those who are wicked is painful indeed" chapter Ibrahim v 22.

I will mention other verse there for you to understand the start point of enmity between Satan and human being.

It was since first day that day God has created our father Adam and our mother Eva, God has introduced Adam all names, then he become savant in the knowledge of God, as savant is respected (who venerate a savant has venerate his lord) God order the seraphs to venerate humble for Adam the sage one, Iblis was with them, all angles by humbleness and veneration to Adam they prostrate for him except Iblis, God has been mad at him, get Iblis out of paradise and curse him forever Iblis asks his payment of his adoration, he Kneels for God a kneel in six thousand years which are unknown if they are this world years or hereafter years, every years is equal to ten thousand year in this world year. Iblis says: (God wait give me a time) reprieve for me (until the day of resurrection) the last day (God said you will be reprieved until the known daytime) the appearance day of Imam of age (Iblis says my lord by what you bestow me of debauch) I will take my revenge from Adam until that day, the promise day, I will do what I do to bring them to astray. (I will ornament them everything on earth) love of lust of women and love of children and wealth animal and… (I will make them all arrogant) all humankind except a little part of them the thanks givers (my slaves real thanks givers are few) most of them reject right and they understand not.

The angel bewed in homage in a body except Iblis. He refused to bow with the adorers. "how is it, O iblis,"said (the lord)," you did not join those who bewed in homage?" how could I bow,"said he, before a mortal whom you created from fermented clay dried tingling hard?" Go hence, execrable,"(said the lord), from this place, Condemned till the day of Doom" O my lord," said he "give me respite till the day the dead are raised." you are among the reprieve, "(said the lord) "till the predetermined time." O my lord." He said "since you have led me into error I'll beguile them with the pleasures of the world and lead them astray."Except the chosen ones among your creatures." (To which God) this way is right by me. No power shall you have over (all) my creatures except those who fall into error and follow you, for whom the ordained place is surely hell.

I will mention for you a hadith in order to know how to get away from malevolent Satan? We know that Satan could not effect on anyone totally as it is difficult to get away from the conspiracy of Satan and his enmity and danger.

God is compassionate and kind on his servants, he love them and want their success over satan, that's why God sent prophets with them books, and conclude religions by Islam (who ever follow other religion except Islam that religion will not be accepted from him) God has send the book of Islam the miracle of prophet Muhammad Al-mustafa Quran the holy one, guide the righteous and Herald the believers that they have great payment, paradise of Adnan which follows under it rivers, a huge paradise one its size like the size of earth and heaven, provided for the pious. People who fought with Satan and won, by weapon of piety and pray and by good knowledge. When you read Quran Seeks refuge from Satan by God  he has no power over the believers who trust only God, but whom he have been companion.Seeking refuge from God on satan can save you from his malevolence and his paths of destroying you. There are many zikr which could help avoiding from plots of Satan I try it and it worked: the holy prophet says: there are two Satan demon (jinn) which is rejected by the zikr of (la hawla wala huwata illa billahi al aliyi al azim) and human Satan by (all huma Sali ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad). Mustadrak al wasayil: 5:324 the hadith: 41

Do not forget this two great zikrs for escaping from malicious of Satan, it has many benefits, and it is beneficial in material and spiritual aspect in this world and hereafter. There is another zikr which narrated from our glory prophet as he says: between servant and paradise there are two thousand grieves lesser of them is dead ninety thousand hits of sword are lesser than them who says this ten words God by his mercy will save him from this grieves, saykh bahaey named this zikr in mahalat page:172 also kafae has narrated it in page 82 of Misbah and also (albadul amin) and alama hilly in biharul anwar volume 87 page 5 and muhaddis Hummiy in baqhiyat salihat in hamis Mafatihul jinan and in safinatu al bihar, with a slight difference,  who says this words every day ten times God will forgive him four thousand of big sin such as lie and back bite and God will make his death easy and will not face the tight of grave and difficulties of the resurrection and all kind of grieves, and the wicked of Iblis and his companions this is the zikr: (bismilahi rahmani ar rahimi, adattu likuli heuwlin al quahu fee dunya wal ahira la ilah ilallah, Muhammad rasululah, wa likuli hammin wahgamin, ma sha allah, wa likuli nimatin al hamdu lillah, wa likuli shiddatin warraha, ashukr lillah, wa likulli zanbin astaghfirullah, wali kulli ujubatin subhanalah, walikuli deehin hasbiya allah, walikuli mussibatin innalilahi wa inna ilayhi rajihun, wali kulli ghada in wa hgadarin tawakaltu alallah, walikuli ta atin wa ma'siyatin la hawla wa la huwwata illa bilahi al aleyyi al azeem.

The translation of the zikr:

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

 I get ready against all grieve and tragic in this world and here after by؛ there is no god except god Muhammad is the apostle of Allah, and against all problems and matters by؛ the will of God, all favors by thanks God, all hardness and easiness by praise due to Allah, all sins  by ؛asking forgiveness from God, in every marvel by how great is our God!, any tightness by؛ Sufficient of God for me, any disastrous by؛ we are from God and to him we will return, with every fate and predestination by؛ in God I trust, in every obey and disobey by؛ there is no power but the power of God the exalted one.  Yanbeeu al hikma: 5:62 



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