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Four principles of building a life

Four principles of building a life

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

Praise due to Allah the eternal living self-subsisting the creator of the heaven and the earth the almighty,  and glory pray and peace to the master of the creature Muhammad Al Mustafa and his progeny.

Who is the righteous one than god? His lights are shown up in his best creature Muhammad and his progeny they are real righteous and real sample of right, from them the creation started and into them creation is finished , they are leaders of the nation, Masters of blesses, elements of righteousness, foundations of welfaremaster-ship of the servantcorner of the countries, gates of faith, God trusted one, progeny of the prophets, leaders of right, lamp of darkness, flags of piety, cave of the people, higher sample, best call the proofs of god on this earth and hereafter, the source of Understanding God, houses of god blessing, sources of God's word, Keepers secret of god the holders of the holy book of God, the caretaker of the prophet after his passing away and his progeny.

Surely God said in the holy book (O believers, do not go stray from the path of God, and be with those whose are truthful). Tawba 119.

There is no doubt that in antique philosophy and new physics that the simplest figure is circle, and the other figures which are designed in the shapes such as square rectangle and triangle their origin comes from circle, as ball is in the sizes and corporals which gain their existence according to the Length, width and depth it is the simplest size and the background of other sizes. As simple dot is the background of letters and numbers in design and writing. 

People also are different in their life style everyone build his life by a shape in this different shapes that's why they differ as they are, it is not only this also apply into their life too, no matter if it is in the individual in its specific meaning which is enclose Individual and the family, or in the social life with its general meaning that enclose how to interact with the neighbor and live with friends and brotherhoods, and the lovely living with relatives and the ties of kinship, or the society in general in all aspects, politically economically and cultural, and trade…  

You will find each and every one has taken a model and a special style and way of life and convinced in his life sometime with himself or with others and build his life on the psychological convictions including loads of visions and ideas, mental and spiritual tendencies, Too general to be material or moral ideal .

Some of them builds their life on materiel only, It is believed that his personality is formed in the material aspect, material life such as collecting money and wealth or place and wealth and the presidency or Freudian sensuality like Western atheistic schools or East, which believes the authenticity of pleasure or the authenticity of economy his occupation is his feeding, his value is what comes out of from his belly, then his life became the life of cattle and inattention, but worse, God has said: (many of the jinn and human beings have we destined for hell, who possess hearts but do not feel, have eyes but do not see, have ears but do not hear like cattle even worse than them. They are people unconcerned) chapter Araf verse (179)

Some of them have been exaggerated in the spiritual aspect by ignorance, as you know the ignorant exaggerate or neglect, hen goes to the life of And the torture of the body and the monastic Bad behavior like Indians mystics and priests Christians.

Their is youth who built his life on the football its preoccupation is his ball which he run behind, night and day, It is young people who built his life on pen and seeking knowledge, like wises and sages, everyone has his own way and style of living privately or socially one, everyone is proud of what he has, but the shia of twelve Imam the follower of the school of Quran and itrat (the household of prophet) whom God has purified and makes so clean, they build their life on the teaching of Quran and sunna and life of the holy prophet Muhammad and his household they their leader and guide, they were heart and cover, knowledge and action, doctrine and life style with their righteous Imams. Imam JAFAR Sadiq tells us how he build his life, it was like the size of rectangular like the kaaba the holy house of God in four attitude 1- To work hard, 2- Certainty in heart, 3- Modesty of God Almighty 4- Prepare for eternal life to win the happiness and success.

Imam once was asked on what have you build your life? He replies on four things: 1- I know that none else will do my job then I try hard (endeavor) 2-I know that none else will use my sustenance then I have been comfortable (certitude) 3- I know that God is looking at me then I feel shame (shame) 4- I know that death is my last then I get ready for it. This is a short explanation the following is coming insha Allah.

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