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The inheritor of the prophets

The Inheritor of the prophets

In the name of God the Merciful the compassionate

All praises due to Allah the inheritor of the heavens and earths the lord of prophets, also pray and peace to the noblest God creature Muhammad Mustafa the light of right of the pious and the boat safe of sinners, the eternal curse and damn of God and the angels and the Humankind over the oppressors and usurpers and to everyone who denied and reject prophet and his household until the day of resurrection. God makes me speak right and bestow me piety. God has said in the holy book of Quran that:(God is the light of the heavens and the earth the semblance of his light is that of a niche in which is a lamp,) Nurr 35

The holy prophet said: it is written on the throne of God by a green color _which It is the knowledge color_ Hussein is the lamp of right and safe boat) peace due to you O Abdallah father and all soul which fallen with you my eternal salutation due to you forever as long as I am alive. May not be my last ziyarat to you, peace to Hussein and to Ali son of Hussein, and the children of Hussein and the companion of Hussein. Peace upon you all and the blessing of God. The Ashura of Imam Hussein was a divine plan and program to revive Islamic religion the noble one and also to revive its teaching and symbols and his glory book, in order to promote into the nation the philosophy of shedding blood in the shake of God the the sunna of the holy prophet and his successor Ali the leader of the believers, they are the idol of the Muslims in beliefs and ethics and in good conduct, in order to bring back religion to be noble in the society as it was for decades.

The huge and big efforts which have been done by the Imams and their followers and slogans which they have created for relieving the reality of the tragedy of taff (karbala) in the day of Ashura in the land of karbala in order to revive its teaching and its lessons, and their confrontation against the politic of Ummayya and Abbases descendant and their coworkers oppressors in the plot of covering and trying people to forget this tragedy or make confusion into the minds of the people or bury all this sacrifices and its value, that struggle which they have made is another program plane of reviving Islam and transmitting the noble messenger of god. Today transmitting that message is a real necessity to clarify the tragedy of karbala and the goals and purpose of the eternal revolution of Hussein in order to make minds clear with its realities and its high value, and also keep its slogans and bravery and its message's memory.The infallible Imams have changed the tragedy of Ashura from the historic event to a real event one, until it has become daily living event, that's why every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala. The tragedy of Ashura has unveiled the unique existence of the original Islam of Muhammad and Hussain the Master of Martyrs (peace be upon him) as it has unveiled the fake Islam, then the call of Islam become the real call to Hussein the martyr and vice versa, then his struggle against his enemy is the same struggle of Islam and its enemies, the result is that the remaining of Islam alive belong to the remaining of Ashura, as it said Islam is the start beginning of Muhammad but it is Husseini lasting. The revolution of Hussein has been spread over the world and become source of safeguarding the reality and the awakening of Islam until the last day the day of resurrection.Hussein is alive in the heart and takes place in the inner of the free people of the world, and become a leader and model for every Muslims, he has waked up for right in right to right.

Then this revolution has become role model of every other right revolution, until the awakening of the last Imam Mahdi this all are continuation of this awakening and raise their symbol which is O revenge for Hussein, as every usurper and dictator find himself in eternal fighting with Hussein ideology it feels in its inner fear of this Ideology not only that when he hears name of Hussein he get trouble and confused as well as hearing the name of Ashura with its symbols and marks.

Since long time that grave (the holy grave of Hussein in karbala) it has been target of attacks from the usurpers, as well as the husseini's symbols in the name of so called modernity and civilization, beside all this the grave always is getting its higher and higher ( they want  to extinguish God's light by uttering blasphemies. But god wills to perfect his light, however the unbeliever dislike)

The leader of believers Ali (peace be upon him) in describing the level of the Martyrs of Karbala said: (the battle ground of the Martyrs lovers the previous will not forward them and the precedent will not get them) Zaynab Al hawra daughter of Ali also said to the usurper of his time Yazid: try your best conspire your conspiracy by God you will not omit our name. 

What is behind the reviving of day of Ashura in secrets and wisdom?

Why the event of karbala is commemorated every year by all this huge propaganda? Is there a divine philosophy and divine secret behind?

To answer this question: everyone who see this long lasting sorrow and cry and weeping, black wearing during all the first ten days of Muharram not only that but during the year will say why Ashura every year? Not only the follower of the Ahlul bayt ask, even the other part of the community, more than that the other religions, the unbelievers also ask what secret lays behind this commemoration, even the enemies also, they try to indorse confusion skeptical and mockery about Ashura and its lesson. Why this unnatural activities for the tragedy of Karbala what is the purpose behind it?  

The answer is depended to the people, sometime the answer is for the follower of the doctrine of Ahlulbayt sometime the answer is for the all, commemorating this tragedy for who he knows this big God day, and what has happened on the grandson of the prophet the master of the martyrs the Imam Hussein son of Ali peace be upon him and the ahlulbayt his companions from any kind of massacre which have the heavens and earth have wept for and the women of paradise also wept, regardless the believers from every corner on the earth generation to generation, And what has occurred on the family of the master of martyrs, oppressing, keep napping, prisoner. 

Commemorating this tragedy has many aspects most them are belong to believe and there are aspect of religion and human senses this are some of that:

First: Ashura is one of the greatest God days full of miracle in Ashura covered the secret existence and the summary of what is in this universe, everything that is in this world or behind this world, everything that we have of miracles inside or outside It reflects from the history of Karbala, and turning around the center of Ashura of Hussein (peace be upon him) that why Ashura look like the center of existence and the landmark of the possible world, and the point of start and end of the world of forming and lawmaking.

Second: the day of Ashura is the linking tools between past and present and future also between prophecy and Imamat and custodianship, for realization of the divine program of spreading fair and justice government on the earth, God has send the prophets and pinpointed the custodians and Imams after the prophets with book and laws all this to promote state of justice and fairness. God said in the holly Quran: (we have surely sent apostles with clear sings, and sent with them the Book and the balance, so that men may stand by justice; and we sent down iron (law) which causes much distress but also has advantages for men, so that God may know who helps him and his apostles in secret. Verily God is all-powerful and almighty.(al hadid 25)

But people have left the right and killed the prophets and cut them into pieces, and they hurt the prophet of Islam, They turn back to their behind denied his right and successors right. Someone said: no news have come neither revelation (divine message) then Imam revolted for reforming the nation and setting right and striking out the evil, spreading justice making the dream of prophet for the state justice to be real, its revolution has been full preparation of the worldwide state of justice and fair, after it has been full of oppress and usurp.Then the Ashura means the state of justice and divine fair, and reviving Asura is reviving justice in the human society.

Third: the day of Ashura is the day of clarity between right and fault between believe and hypocrite, Infidelity, between virtue and vices, between Good and bad, between light and darkness between justice and oppress, then it has been represented virtues, right, faith, light, good and justice in the camp of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) which is the represent of faith and Islam, from Adam to the last prophet Muhammad. as the vice versa is represented by the camp of yazid and whom they are in the same way. The scale balance of right and wrong is Imam Hussein, and his raising up in the day of Ashura, commemoration of the Ashura is reviving of the divine virtue and human one, and distinguishing believer and hypocrite, who is in the camp of Imam and his way, he is a real husseini, and who is in the another camp he is yazidi from Adam until now        

Fourth: the message of Islam there is no doubt that it has been saved from any kind of missing or deviation by the revolution of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) I the day of Ashura, commemoration of Ashura is the resurrection of pure Islam, from this they said: Islam is Muhammad beginning and Husseini lasting, this is what the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) means from his well known hadith (Hussein from me and I am from Hussein). And our glory religion of Islam become complete and completed also his bless on us and considerate as the perfect religion by the wilayat (mastership) the leader of believers Imam Ali (peace be up on him) in the day of ghadir 18 of zeel hija 10th H the continuation of that its lasting was from the day of Ashura, by the sacrifices of Hussein and his holy bloods and corps, and the imprisoning the safe guarders of the message and drugs revelation and prophecy

As the singer from the tongue of the Master of Martyrs said: if the religion of Muhammad will not stable except my Martyrdom O swords take me

Fifth: our Imams ordered us to revive their cause, following them and fare away from their enemies (revive our cause, God bless who revive our cause) there is many ways of reviving this but the most illegible is the heartbreak of karbala from any kind of reviving, it is part of the best scarifies extra worshiping, as it has been narrated

Sixth: the commemoration of Ashura every year it a secret from the secrets of God nobody know it except God and the Imams and whom are on their path such a Salman of Muhammad may god bless him the holy prophet has said: the killing of Hussein It is a hotness in the heart of the believers will never be cold .Nor quench the flames perpetual over, they remain forever in the immortality of time until the Day of Resurrection.

Then it has to be the subject of heat from thermal source such as fuel or the sun, subject Husseini timeless heat that occurred in the killing the master of Martyrs in the day of Ashura is the heart of the believers, the heart of the believer is the throne of God the renewal of this warmness, it will be not cold by the commemorating by its fuel enthusiastic of the establishment symbols of Hussein which are part of God symbols in Muharram and Safar specially the first ten days and the tenth of the month, there is a hidden hand behind this event which fuels the Husseini hearts. a believer heart is between God finger in to be more warm and more enthusiast and more resistance against oppressor and usurper, its teaching show up through this sadness and sorrow in their face every year or every day.

Seventh: the habitat of the house know better what is in the house, the people of Mecca know better its population, the Imams of Ahlulbayt order their follower to commemorate the ashura in order to get ready the appearance of the Imam of age Mahdi as is known to render the justice on earth, Imam Hussein has fought the oppression and usurper during longtime of human history, but fight Is has identity when he fought Yazid in Muawiya the God cursed one and of his partner from every time.Many Hadiths have come saying the important of holding Imam Hussein Mourning in every time era or period.

Eighth: God has one night that is the greatest nights which is better than thousand years the night of fate it has no alike in the other nights, as God has a day and a night, that is the day of Ashura as Imam Hassan said (O Aba abdallah there is no day as your day) in the holy hadith from Imam Sadiq also narrated that:When he was asked who performs Ziyarra what will he gain? He replies: every day equal to thousand months. Book kamilul ziyara

As there is a night better than thousand years also there is a day equal to thousand months, imagine if he was spend all his time I mean kabala in the grave of Imam Hussein! Ashura is a single and unique day; it is unique in his goals and fare away from spontaneous and emotional things.

This word has been programmed by god. Prophet was the first one who has named it saying: surely the killing of is warmness in the heart of believers will never get cold. It means we will never forget Hussein as Zanab said do what you what Yazid you are not the one who will erase our name.

As Imam reza has mentioned it In conversation with Ibn Sabib surely the Hussein day has butchered our eyelids and run down our tears, and humiliated our Dearness, in the land of karbala. For us left the scourge. Scourge which that will last to the day of resurrection, by have to every one weep, weeping for Hussein erases the big sins. Kamilul ziyara

There is no doubt that God has promised he will deceive his promise not. The earth will belong to the pure worshiper, in the appearance of Imam of age, he will set up justice. His jingle will be (ya la thiaral Hussein) which means revenge for Hussein, as narrated from Imam Reza In the hadith of ibn Shabib:

He will call five times in the kaba

First: O People of the world, I am the standing Imam

Second: O People of the world, I am Alsansam Retaliatory 

Third: O People of the world, my grandfather Hussein was killed thirsty

Fourth: O People of the world, my grandfather Hussein was killed Threw him naked

Fifth: O People of the world, my grandfather Hussein was killed by aggression

Shia commemoration of Ashura it is reviving that promised day, my shia will be everywhere the preparatory of the revenge as it read in the Ahura Ziyarat(I bear oath that our sorrow and sadness to you is big I ask god who he has bestowed your recognition and make as your follower, to bestow me be part whom they will get your revenge, with Imam of age the winner of the household of prophet Muhammad.

Also in another part :(I ask God which glory me by knowing you and be your partner, and give the chance of getting away from your enemies, to keep me with you in this world and here after, also make my feet strong with you in this world and here after, and keep me to your praise level, and to be part whom they get revenge from the oppressor with the imam of age the righteous one) Mafatihul jinan        

Ninth: the commemoration of Ashura and holding the Imam Hussein mourning is part of basic affection in the heart of believers, it has a symbolic aspect in the continuation and standing fast of shia, and giving hope and bravery against any kind threats, this commemoration is the cause of remaining of shia school

Tenth: reviving Ashura it means following the foot step of Imam of age. it is narrated in the ziyara nahiya (I will mourn you night and days and i will cry for you stead of tears blood) this reveals the greatness of Ashura, as our Imam of time used to tell us that's why we hold this ceremony of Ashura around the world we will never forget Hussein, his massacre will never calm down in our heart.

 Eleventh: the commemoration of Ashura is an answer of the call of the master of the martyrs Imam Hussein which was a call for everyone to help God and to come to his meeting he has shouted seven times in the day of ashura (is there someone that could help me) and in his ziyarat we said seven time (yes sir here we are) if my body and my tongue do not respond you, for sure my heart and ear and eyes and cerebrum and my hair are reviving you. He has said whoever sacrificing for our case and prepared the meeting of god have to be ready for our journey. Whoever wants to be with God and the greatest in the day of resurrection he has to be with his Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) that is a caravan his destination is the great meeting of the lord of universe for sure Hussein is the inheritor of the prophets and the caller to God meeting

Our last say is: All praises due to Allah the lord of the universes


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