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The greatest transfigure

The Greatest Transfigure

A secret from secrets of God apostle Mohammad


The level of (greatest mastery) for our noble prophet Mohammad and his progeny the infallible (peace be upon them) is the most comprehensive in their existence, or may be we can say that it is the center of the other perfectness, and it is a level of light of God (God is the light of the heavens and the earth) which it has been transfigured on them (O God I beg you by the light of the most lightened one, and all over your light from all your lights I ask) this is a part of sahar dua in the holy month of Ramadan. There is no doubt that the holy prophet and the infallible Imams they have three figures: first is the human being. Second is the prophecy and Imamat. Third is mastery.

The first part: there is no differences between them and the other ordinary people as God said: (tell them that I am a human like you)chapter fussilat verse 6 that's why he used to eat and enjoy and get sick and get recoveryas an human being. As human being is introduced in the science of logic (understanding or speaking animal) the holy prophet is human being too, saying about the basic and accidental soul, perfectness will not affect this concept of human being, it is due to knowledgeable and ignorant rich and poor human being, its approval depends on the part of human being concept only, as it could be a huge differences between a sample and other sample in their personal identification like the distances between heaven and earth see the differences between good person and bad person And between excellent person and wicked one believer and atheist, people are different, some of them are heavenly ethic some other of them also are eternal on earth being worse one.

Human is created from a composing substances such a sperm and other known substances in the back of human being, from this it grown up until it become child then it proceed its level of life until the last station which is death (everyone will taste the flavor of death) chapter 3 verse 185 (you die as they also will) chapter zumar verse 30. this is according to the human being concept which is endorsed into us in the part of the corporal existence even if the nature it depends on the prophet and imam order according to the part of mastery, like someone who makes airplane in the process of boarding he has to interact which the condition of ascending and descending.

Yes prophet is different from others by the purity of his sperm and his birth from clean back to clean one as we read in their ziarat (we witnessed that you are pure and purified you were in the pure and clean back and womb but according to the rest of human characters like color form and other they are same with human, maybe imams and prophets maybe they are white or black like Imam Jawad, (peace be upon him) maybe also theye are weak and thin or obese like Imam Bakir (peace be up on him) this characters have no role in the prophecy or in the Imamate

Second the Prophecy and Imamat: the meaning of the word of nabiy is highness or from naba'a which is from word of habar its meaning is someone who brings news of heaven and its actualities from divine one to explain divine laws and rules to guide people and for their success and perfectness Imamat in the theology introduction it is as a general leading in religion and in this life replacing the prophet. The twelve imam's introduction of Imama: they add by a divine nomination and official appointing of prophet. And the other Muslims sect says by discussion and human choosing. According to the Shia point of view the government of Imam is the same as prophet's government, that's why we have to follow imam as we follow the prophet and God (O you who believed obey Allah and obey the messenger and those in authority among you. A'nisan 59 he has to be followed completely by his infallibility and his dive knowledge and his greatest mastery.

By this divine position he has the authority of ruling politically or economically and socially  and culturally and other feature in our life.The differences between ordinary human being and prophet and Imam is the divine revelation in the prophet, (Say I am only a man like you, to whom has been revealed that your God is one God) kahf 110 and the role of imam is to spread the divine laws and rules and safeguard what prophet has been promoted and delivered the noble message he is like an executive power as prophet is in the position of judiciary power.All this divine positions are from their greatest mastery the master-ship of Imams is on the length of prophet's master-ship as the master-ship of prophet is in the length of God's master-ship (there the authority is {completely} for god the truth) kahf 44

The authority of God is a self-existence but the authority of Imams is a dependent authority from the eternal oneness of god and his richness. The mastery of holy Imams it named as the moon mastery and the mastery of prophet is sunny mastery, the differences between this two is clear moon take its light from sun and the sun take its light from its lord. (and the earth will shine with the light of its lord) zumar 69 In the prophecy and Imama prophet and imam differ from the other ordinary person by their permanent infallibility and their divine knowledge and their perfectness over the others beside this two levels there is another one which is the representing and reasoning of God on the creatures, cause imam in his general meaning which enclosed prophet and his successor it has the level of hujjat (reasoning) also, God reasons by them the creatures as creatures reason with it this from his divine mastery rather than legislator mastery, that is why his imama will not remain in the human being only but encloses all creatures, leading the people is one of its aspect not the only aspect. There is a point which we have to pinpoint on it, that is we are proud of the imams and prophet to be leader not vice versa, the leading of this world will not effect in their divine mastery which is controlling this world and Islamic law.

The mastery which means the general leadership that is here in this world and depends on its facts, may be imam will not be in charge of the affairs now may be he has to wait for an appropriate time to be in charge what he has to be in charge, as it has been in our most Imams (peace be upon them) specially when people abandon them, but the interior government over the creatures it is from the hereafter, and it's part of the prophet or Imam it is impossible to be separated from it, unless God willing the exalted one, this is the emblematic difference between the two managements formative and legislative and between their worldly imamat which means virtual government over the people. The will of the prophet is depends on the will of God,. If God decides to be loos in one case they will, god willing (it is God will to see you be killed Hussein) And this is from eye majority do not neglect, if he does not want to know he will not know, even if he has the potentiality to know every things in the order of Allah the exalted one, his knowledge is from God knowledge which it is pure knowledge without ignorant not as the prophet's knowledge which is mixed one by ignorant if he wants to know he knows if do not want he will not,like someone who can see but he closes his eyes, and rejects to see. at this point imam has the power of doing but he does not use his power, whatever, he is powerful by the power of God, and knowledgeable by the knowledge of god. Then to represent God in his creature by his majesty that's why he circled the world by the power of God, the entire world is depends on God by his formative with willingness of God as prophet or imam depends on God with the world, also God is free covering but the prophets and imam are covering by limit and restrict, this like the difference between existence and nothingness, and between the all rich and all poor this is understood in the attributions of God in the perfect human being (prophet or trustee) which is gather together by the concept of imama in general and greatest mastery.

Third: the grand and total and absolute Great mandate: in Arabic literature the word of wilaya has two writings: walaya and wilaya, the first means, friendship and lover but the second means master-ship and governing the last is what is meant here, this government sometime is restricted by time and place sometime also is general and huge without limit beyond era and place. God is the one who has the real and original master-ship, he has no resemblance in anything, nothing know what is be except him, he has no partner with anyone of his existence neither of his attributions. Sometime he use to transfigure his attribution in his some creatures such as angel Gabriel and when once God transfigured his light to Moses. And when Moses arrived at our appointed time and his lord spoke to him, he said, "My lord, show me [yourself] that I may look at you."[Allah] said, "You will not see me but look at the mountain; if it should remain in place, then you will see me. "But when his lord appeared to the mountain, He rendered it level, and Moses fell unconscious. And when he awoke he said "Exalted are you! I have repented to you and I am the first of the believers." Araf143

This is some of God's transfiguration to Prophet Moses. Talking about our Prophet Muhammad God's transfiguration, this has happened many times like what was revealed in the night of official prophecy 27th Rajab since we swear by God in his great transfiguration in the night of prophecy, in order to forgive our sines and bestow to us his blessing accept our work and praise our goodness, and cover up our bad action make our heart happy and make our sustenance huge. This big transfiguration and complete God light is the light which Imam Ali used to swear on (by your figure light which lightened every things) in sahar pray also(O God we ask you by your light from the most lightened one, O God I beg you by your all light.This first transfiguration which enlightened everything collector Combination of all God beautiful names and his exalted attributions. Even if in the possible world he is mere and unique, Except that it is the center of all other world of existence and the level of possible, It used to be called by different attributions such as: the huge blessing of Allah, bless for all, the figure of God and his gate, the real mere, the complete existence which all existence come from and from the light of self-existence,God is the light of the heaven and earth the link between the holy overflow and the holiest overflow indeed it is under the creator and above the creature which use to be named the creation (there is no differences between you and them except you are independent and they are dependent on you)(rajabiya ziyarat) as it also called as: Muhammad reality, the origin shining, the holy existence, which show the meaning of the things, if it was not this big transfiguration of God will be unknown and worshiped (by us God is known and by us he has been worshiped)

In the holy hadith: (I was unknown treasure then I wanted to be known, I create the creature in order to be known) we know God through his attributions and his names, talking about God real existence is impossible it is unknowable, all creatures are family of God transfiguration the great prophet, and it has been appointed to the God's names and attributions that regarding to the great transfiguration, above this is divinity level, it is unseen the unseen in the level of oneness, there is no name neither design which named by (him) nobody know what is it except him the exalted one, he has been transfigured in his holy book as he has transfigured in his creature and his formative book, in Muhammad and his household, all this are from his big transfiguration, from his light to his light, from him to him, the overflow existence is the shape over concepts, this is the mere existence everything come from it.This great transfiguration and big mastership and the greatest guide today is seen in the existence of the Imam of age the son of Hassan al askari whom we celebrate his birthday every year in the mid of shaban. We are waiting his reappearance and his revolution in order to make the earth full of justice and fair after it has been full of oppress and arrogance. May God hasten in his reappearance; make us part of his soldiers and whom will help him then to be martyred in front of him.

Alhamdoulilahi rabil Alamina all praise due to Allah

Adel alawy

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