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The declaration of the Ayatollah seyid Adel Alawy against the tragedy of mina (Mecca) in the day of Adha eid (sacrifice feast)

The declaration of the Ayatollah Seyid Adel Alawy against the tragedy of mina (Mecca) in the day of Adha eid (sacrifice feast)


In the name of God the merciful the compassionate

We are for God into him we will return

 (…O God the beholder of Generosity and greatness…whom he orders this day as a feast for all Muslims)

 It is the sacrifice feast (Eid al adha) the pilgrims slaughter their sacrifices in sake of God, as also God make it as a feast for all Muslims, but the family of Saudi and their kings has broken and spoiled Mecca and change this feast as a funeral day by their bad mastering and directing, oppressing the Yemeni population, beside their plot and conspiracy with the terrorist in Iraq Syria and other Islamic countries.

It is a duty for every Muslim to denounce this oppression on these martyrs of the pilgrims, which has been yearly happening because of their neglect. This tragedy could not be justified by fate in order to escape from their responsibility; it is also a duty for the Islamic nations to ask back the two holy shrines from the Saudi family they are not legacy for them. They are common legacy for all Muslims. I ask God the exalted one great level for the martyrs and good recovery for the injuries and peacefully return for the pilgrims.

All Praise due to Allah

Wednesday September 30th 2015 

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