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Gift and Masterpiece 2


 Gift and Masterpiece 2

In the name of god the merciful the compassionate

It is my pleasure to continue with friends and fellows Muslims in this new service which is giving bunch of zikrs wirds and hatms to solve neediness as a Gift and Masterpiece 2 I have gave the first part by Basmala there is a say(everything that comes from mindfulness without Basmala is amputated).

I notice a worm welcome and praise from fellow friends which encourage me to give the second part of Gift and Masterpiece is a request of friend from the whatAapp in extending memory and mind, thank God that I have been part of the group of which the Hadith says to them: who has created a norm he will get its reward and the reward of whoever follows that norm) and (an indicator to a goodness is like a doer of it) know that what, I have written I wrote it in my youth era, I am sure of it is useful  because I have experienced them, as narrated in hadiths that the user of it has to be certain without any doubt if he has a single slight of doubt it won’t be useful except that God is all power he guide everyone he desires, we seek protection from him the almighty the best helper.

Here there is some exercises of memory strength especially in the incompetence and oldness time of insane and forgetful.

1-Who ready the name of God which has the letter meem (M) like Arrahman and Arrahim 90 times this is useful for mind and memory strength and strong, continuing this for years will increase the memory strength.

2- With cleanness of ablution writing this verse of Ayatul kussiy by flower water and Saffron, and keep it in the right hand and pick it by direct tongue repeat it seven times, that is useful also for memory strength.

3-Who writes this Dua by water of - flower and saffron- and erase it by water and drink it before the breakfast he will memorize by the willing of God what he heard:BISMILLAH NAWIR BI KITABIKA HALBI WASHRAH BIHI SADRI WA ATLIQ BIHI LISSANI BI HAWLIKA WA HUWWATIKA LA HAWLA WALA HUWWATA ILLA BILLAHI AL ALLIYI AL AZIM.

(بسم الله نوّر بكتابك قلبي وإشرح به صدري وأطلق به لساني بحولك وقوتك لا حول ولا قوة إلّا بالله العلي العظيم)


4- Also things that increase memory strength is this Dua before reading books ALLHUMA URZUGH NI FAHMA NABIYYIIN WA HIFZA AL MURSALIIN WA ILHAMA AL MALAEKATU AL MUHARRABIIN AMEEN YA RABBAL ALAMEEN (oh god bestow me the understanding of the prophets and the memory of the apostles and the divine knowledge of the high level angels amen O lord of the worlds)

5-in Mafatihul jinan you can find this Dua there in the actions that we do after ritual prays parts which prophet has taught (SUBHANA MAN LA YATA ADDA ALA AHLI MAMLAKTIHI, SUBHANA MAN LA YA’HUZU AHLUL ARD BI ALWANI AL AZAB, SUBHANA ARRAUFU ARRAHIM, ALLAHUMA IZAL LI FEE HALBEE NURAN WA BASSARAN WA FAHMAN WA ELMAN INNAKA ALA KULLI SAYEEN QHADIR (Glory due to whom there is no oppressor in his kingdom glory to whom he will not torture the inhabitants of the earth glory due to the compassionate. Oh God put in my heart light and sight and understanding. the all power.

Until next Gift and Masterpiece Good bye.  

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