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Secret from the secrets of Fatima(peace be up on her)

In the Name of God the Omni power the Merciful

Talking about Zahra(peace be up on her) that she is the secret of the existence, we have to understand it in the lordliness way in her actions and talks, and lovely in her attribution and her movement, and completeness in herself and biography, it has to be an effort to be done in understanding, because the virtue could not be gotten except by understanding, more human being knows the more he loves, the knower is the lover, the more he augments his love he obeys more, then he will be more near to god the exalt one: (from you god will leave up whom believe and whom that are scholars he will endorse them levels ) augmenting the grades is for the scholars, that’s why knowing Fatima is possible, but at first we have to as I said know the meaning of existence and the existence itself and its deference, the existence is obvious as it is known it is clear for itself and showing other like light … Then we say: the law of cause and effect is stronger than the law of mathematic, is the judge of this world, it is the prove of the hadith of ascendance God says to his honorable prophet in the night of ascendance ‘if is not you I will not create the universe and the orbits, if it was not Ali I would not create you, if it would not Zahra I will not create you both’ this hadith corresponds with the law of cause and effect in science of mind, the prophet is the goal cause of the universe, as it is every cause has its effect in its kind, the effect of prophet is Ali. he and the prophet are the same as the verse of the Qoran describes ((yourselves and ourselves)) if it was not Ali would not have been for the prophet alike in the level of goal cause entire of the earth, then the both prophet and custodian, like cause then it has to be an effect from themselves and there is none on earth in their type except Fatima Zahra She is the landmark of gathering the light of prophecy and Imama she is the biggest infallible, if would not her God would not create prophet and custodian the goal cause. This the mind aspect of the explanation of this hadith. In order to clarify it in the aspect of public tongue I will illustrate it in another way in order none will think that Ali is better that our Prophet (peace be up on him) and Fatima is better than them, that example will come from sensible one: human being is the center of the biggest world material and no material one because his body is from clay and his soul is from heaven, he is composed one heaven and earth, and in his body has composed from mind, soul, and lust, and in this body there is  brain which is the headquarter of mind, and heart which is the headquarter of soul, and spleen which has remarkable work in cleaning the blood that goes to the heart, the human body is existed and remain alive because of brain, if there was not brain there would have not been sense for it, brain controls the body, but if there was not heart there would have not been for brain any role, this does not mean that heart is better than brain, of course brain is noblest one but heart has role to do moving the body, to keep body existing, it needs heart that release blood, it needs a filter for the blood there is nothing except spleen, it play this role of filtering, this is just an example. What we want to say is: every part of the body has its own role, there none of them is better than other, this the meaning of the Hadith of ascendance. Imam is the mind of the accident world or his heart, as the story of the discussion of Hisham bin hakam with the man of Basra when he says: what is the effect of eye? He replies we see through it, what is the effect of ear? He replies for listening.  What is the effect of heart? He replies to distinguish good and bad. The Hiasham said: Imam is like this, he is the secret of existence. Because of him the earth and heaven are stable, if was not him they will fall down on the habitat, the meaning of secret of existence is inner of existence, that why it is said the covered is a secret, when we said for the dead may God bless his secret, means may god bless his soul, soul is a covered thing then it is a secret, as we say: (son is the secret of his father) means he is the creation and his father soul. This are the household of prophet the existence secret. Our dear friends we are in the age of absence of the Imam of the age. Age of trouble, hardship, confusion, and skeptic, get with pray in order to be safe, be sure and full trust to God and prophet and his household specially the Imam of age and always pray the Gharib pray (O God give me the power of knowing you…) because who does not know God will not know his prophet and his witness (IMAM MAHDI) he goes to astray then he dies ignorant death, as who dies without knowing his Imam will die in ignorance, it is an obligatory to know them, whom their number is twelve all of them are from Qoraish as it has been narrated from the two books shihayni according to sunni Muslim. Imam Mahdi the awaiting one, he is the Son of Imam Askari the eleventh Imam he said: we are prove of God over you and our mother Zahra is prove of God over us. Fatima is prove of proves. That’s why Imam Mahdi said: I imitate my Mother Fatima for her greatness, that all prophets have acknowledged that, indeed she is the night of Fate as in Bihar Al Anwar, Tafshir Abouhan, Nuru Thiaqhalayn she was named Fatima because none able to know her the mother of her father, the prophet used to kiss her the secret of existence, none his thing will not be fine except acknowledge her virtue and loving her, the match of Ali. 

Our last pray is: all praise due to 

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