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A secret from the secrets of Imam Mahdi(peace be up him)

 A secret from the secrets of Imam Mahdi(peace be up him)

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

I have written this essay in 15th of sha’ban 1436H in the night of fate which the holy sprite Angels descend with every wise thing for the Imam of Age (peace be up on him) as you know we are near to the night of the fate God willing. Is the absence of Imam of Age goes with the kindness of God for over the creatures?

There is a suspicion or question that use to ask, sometime from the enemy like Wahabi another way from people that want to know the reality and the truth of the doctrine, increasing his knowledge and understanding in his Imam of age.

 To answer them it has been said in the theology that the kindness of God (is what makes the servant near to obeying God and make him fare away from disobedience without forcing). It could be the source of obedience of the servant by his own will, the word of absence in Arabic absence has several meanings: 1- faraway, like traveler and someone who has distance with other people living in the caves or in the mountain. 2- Covered, unknown. In shia point of view it does not mean take a distance from the people, he will not see them and they will not see him, or they will not hear from him and he will not hear from them, it does not mean it, the little absence and the big absence be fare from the people, but he is with us in our celebrations sharing with us everything in the knowledge of God the exalted one, nothing is covered from him everything is clear to him he is the represent of God in his creatures, we do not know him by name or personality, like joseph and his friends they were in one table but they do not know him but he knows them, the cover that makes us not seeing him is not from him but is from us.

It has been narrated in the Holy hadith (he walks in the street and seats in their rug and carpet but they do not know him) Kamalu Diin 2:341

It has been approved by reason and citing that it has to be a represent of God, without difference to be seen or he is seeing them, if there was only two people on earth one of them will be the represent of God, God has started from him and to him he will finish, the sustenance of the people are in his hands, because of him the earth and the heaven are stable. In the holy Hadith has said: (the earth will not be private from a represent of God either describe or not or afraid and submerged in order proves of God will not be destroyed (Bihar: 23:46)  

The word of submerged illustrates that the represent of God is present between them but they do not know him by his name and personality he is submerged like that they have submerged and forget him like one that is submerged under the water. It has to be a represent of God on the earth with his running mastership which is like the running of the electricity in the cable, in order to be witness for them or against them in here or here-after, God is the owner of the complete prove, except that sometime he is shown and known sometime also hidden, even they know him clearly by his Imama and divine mastership formative and legislative this existed eternally. The leader of believers said: I swear by the lord of Ali it’s (earth) master is on it walking in the street entering in the houses, walking around the east and west of the earth, hearing their saying, sending greeting, watching the people but none of them see him, until the known time, the promised one the truth promised- and the call of the caller in the heaven.

Then our Imam of age is with us walking in our street coming into our houses walking around east and west hearing our talk and saying greeting to our group, more than that, he is seeing and knowing us, but we do not know him by name and physical appearance, that in the big disappearance and absence until the known time and the promise of his reappearance (peace be up on him) when the caller from the heaven call that will be his reappearance.

This kind of disappearance is not meaning of absence of Imam of age between the people he is present among them, they are seeing him but they do not know him by his name and physical body, even if they know his personality and divine leadership, and obligation of obeying and loving him too, this is a real presence.

It has been narrated from Imam Reza: (peace be up on him) (he will not be seen physically or named by his name)[1]

It has been narrated also from Imam Sadiq (peace be up on him) (people will lose their Imam he will be present in their program and celebrations such as Hajj in the Arafat he will see them but they will not see him)[2]

This holy Hadith shown clearly or indirectly he is present in our people and population.

It has been narrated also from Sheikh Toosi from Muhammad ibn Ousman Amri one of the four deputies of Imam Al Mahdi in the first absence he said: The owner of this affair will be present in the Hajj every year he will see the people and know them, but they will see him but will not know him.

His second absence the big one that has no limit no one also knows it maybe by exception some people will know him as an order God as it has been said, in reality Imam Mahdi is like a sun even if he is covered behind the cloud.

It has been said about him allegorically and allegorical many kinds of secrets are behind, one this allegorical is tawussu Ahlul Janna (peacock of paradise) his face is shining like brilliant planet, with jilbads of his lord light, he is the light of God on earth, another way he has resemble it like Sun in his absence, he is like a Sun behind the cloud, even if he is not in the people eyes and sight, it will benefit them.

When the name of Imam Mahdi has been mentioned in the presence of prophet, Jabir Ibn Abdillah asks: O the apostle of God is his shi’a will take advantage during his absence? Prophet replies yes I swear in God they will lightened from his light and benefited from his leadership like how the people are benefitting from the sun even if it is behind the cloud[3]. It is not a problem bring this figurative as an example to give more explanation about the resemblance between Imam Mahdi the absent standing, and the Sun behind the cloud this have secrets behind no one know that except its people.

First: the sun even if it has been covered behind the cloud it Is remaining the center of the planets lightning and shining, the other planets are running around it, it is the same as Imam Mahdi he is the center of the accidental and possible world and the center of the planet, he is the cause of remaining of the world, by his bless people gain their sustenance, word existence depends on his existence, he is the Hujja represent of God in his creature.

 Second: when the cloud and the drafting covered the Sun that does not mean it is not there, and the absence of its blessing and mercy, but it is forever distributing its bless such as lightening and warming, and the growing up of the plantation, the life of the creatures and their remaining, and lack of rigidity of the land of snow, and the dynamic movement of the world, when  the Sun is absent completely, the effect will be the trouble in the system, by the disorder in the gravitation between unknown planets and the stars , which no one know them except God and his apostle Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on him) and the bestowed strong knowledge(Imams).

 It is the same as Imam Mahdi in his Absence, he is not completely absent, the matter is he is hidden from the eyes but hear and sees them by his existence and presence between the populations, we get his divine blessing, his existence is a bless and kindness and his performance also is another blessing, but lacking and losing this bless is from us, if we purified our-self in the needed degree he (Imam Mahdi) will show us himself up by the order of his lord (Allah) to fill up the earth with fair and justice after it has been fill up with injustice and oppression.

How someone could be absence that the commandment of the world is in his hands?!

Third: there is no doubt that we do not benefitted from the light of the Sun and its rays only when it is raised, even if it is hidden behind the clouds, its benefits will not stop coming to us, also the power of the gravity which is the cause of the existence of the system of the universe will stand fast, and its blessing like the changes of the airs and the rainfall, germination transplant, Earth life underway, and the blessing of Imam Mahdi either appearing or disappearing they underway, even if they are hidden from the eyes, not hidden from the sight.

Fourth: the cloud prevent from seeing the Sun for people that are on earth looking at it directly, but someone that is under the cloud, he will see it and its beauty and greatness.

Whoever climbed on the cloud of the second and big disappearance, will feel the beauty and the power of his Imam even the heart sight, as heart has two eyes like head, as Awess Alqarnayn has seen Prophet, by his heart and believe him even he does not see him by eye, heart sight is more powerful than eyes this is well known. Imam Mahdi is hidden from the people of this world whom they think that they will remain here internally, and do not make an effort ascending to God, he does not climb over the cloud with his clean soul airplane, by loving this world the world miss guide him and pouch him to admire his bad soul, and considered his God as a fun, his lust control him and afflicted with disadvantageous and bad doing, unpraised attribution, this prevent him from meeting with his Imam of age his leader, in reality he does not think deeply or their hearts is sealed and blocked.

Fifth: the lights of the sun will not be cut, even if it is covered by the cloud, it covered the all people in the same, but gives his bless and merci according to the possibility and the capacity of the creature, every creature take its part in the sun by his capacity of being, some of them take the light from the sun directly without middling, not like the other whom they are fare away from the sun.

 The Imam of Age Mahdi (peace be up on him) the represent of God on earth, the center of possible world he is the perfect human being which the great name of Allah has been transfigured on him.

He is the holy overflowing between God and the creature, for sure anyone who is near to him and have direct relation with him will benefited from him, even if he is in his covering, will take advantage from him, in his bless and merci, according to his capacity as I mention before, more that it is also possible to see him (O Allah shows us our guide the pure noble one and make our eyes crystal clear in seeing him….   

Sixth: when the sun is completely disappeared behind the dark and strong clouds, that maybe is the cause of the darkness and snows stick and the cause of life ending, by God wisdom and merci he has made it otherwise, that will not prevent the sun overflow his bless on the people and the population.

The same as the disappearing shield also is like that it was vice versa people on earth will vanish as his letter to sheikh Mufeed (we do not neglected in protecting you, your names also are not out of our mind, if it was not like that you will face tragedy and the enemy will take control on you)[4]  Indeed the clouds has to be apparent and the sun show up on earth to lighten it in order to make the viewer’s happy and beneficent.

There is no doubt that Imam Mahdi is like a magnet with the direction that it face it ever compass in the word, he is the center the lover direction and faithful mourners waiters, the crystal star which guides the lost in the valley and desert to the right way, its existence is a bless and kindness of God, that makes facilitate the servant of God to worship him, waiting his complete victory is one of the best action, it is cause purifying the souls and reaching the level of greatness, as is narrated from Sheikh Toosi in his book tajridul Ietiqad (his existence is a bless and his activation another bless but the cause of its annulation is us) may God hasten his reappearance, and make us part of his pure followers and best of his companion and Martyred before him, may God bestow us the greatness of the night of Fate in the best condition.

All praises due to Allah the lord of the universe.

[1] Kafi1:333

[2] Alghayba 175

[3] Kamalu din1:253

[4] - Bihar 52:175

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