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The Modesty

The Modesty from God the Exalted

The fundamental  building of life

In the Name of God the Omni power the Merciful

 Modesty from God the Exalted Imam Sadiq (peace be up on him) said: I know that God knows me and has my single information then I am ashamed on him no to make sin.

Modesty means preventing soul from badness and leaving it.         

Modesty is a natural attribution for soul which is a cause of defending from doing something that is opposite of the cultures and rules, afraid of blame.

There is no doubt that Modesty is one the reason soldier, it is a light its opposite is insolence the soldier of ignorance and darkness, as things are known by their opposite, the insolence is soul careless, is as you know acting in making sin either sharia or reason and mystic as it is poor.

The powers of anger and lust and modesty: is centering and acting soul out of reasons and natural sins and preventing it from blame and slander, it is larger than piety, because piety is avoiding sharia sins, but modesty enclose that one and avoid the reason blamed and the society, it is one the noble soul attribution, there are many texts of hadith which talked about it.

The Quran verses

Then one of the two women come to him walking with shyness. She said indeed my father invites you.[1]

1.     But Allah is not shy of the truth [2]

2.     Indeed Allah is not shy to present an example-that of a mosquito or what is above it. [3]

3.     Indeed that (behavior) was troubling the prophet, and he is shy of dismissing you [4]

The Hadiths

1.     Imam Sadiq(peace be up on him) said: the Modesty is part of believe, and believe is in paradise.[5]

2.     Sayqual Hassan said that Imam Sadiq said: Modesty and chastity and abstinence is part of believe.[6] It is by the tongue abstinence, talking for talk, critique without reason, and harm people by your tongue this abstinence is praised, what is blamed and slandered is heart abstinence, effortless in knowing the reality of the things.

3.     One of the two said: believe and shyness are linked together if one of them gone the other will go, like horn of cow.

4.     Imam sadiq said who have not shyness will have not faith.

5.     From imam Sadiq prophet said: this four things if a person behaved them God will forgive all of his sins how much they are from his head to his feet, honesty, modesty and good manners and thanks[7].

6.     The holy prophet said: faith is naked and his cloth is modesty, and its decoration is fidelity, and its virtue is good working, and his mainstay is piety[8].

7.      It has been narrated from the Irshadul hulub God has said: my servant if you are shy of me I will make people forget your error omit your sins over the world and all of your deficiency and will not account your deed in the day of resurrection.

8.     God said: my servant if you are shame on me and be pious I will forgive you.

9.     Once one person has seen another person performing pray at the door of the Mosque, and asked why? He replies I am ashamed to enter into with sin, one of the signs of the shyness is not watching things that he is ashamed on.

 The last shyness is fully understanding that God is watching you if you aware of that God is seeing you in the time of making sin, then he is low shyness, ignoring the power of God, if he you believes that God does not see you, you are unbeliever (irsadul hulub 150p30)

10.  Prophet said: a little shyness is unbelieving then asked for advice he replied be modest in God like how a good man is shame on your family (miskatul anwar 225).

11.  Three tings of which were not there, the finest is not found ever: who is not afraid of God in the unseen, and did not abstinent when graying, not ashamed of defect. (makatul anwar 234).

I said that shyness is from God the exalted one, and from the people is leaving and abandoning the sins and behaving correctly with praised, behaves reasonably and lawfully, it is needed from every one specially the believers for their believe in God the exalted one, is Good also for the women that all of her body is private one, she has to cover it for modesty and chastity from others views. 

12.  Imam Sadiq (peace be up on him) said: the modesty is teen parts nine of them belong to the women, one for the men if she menstruated one part is gone, if she get married another part is gone, if she made sexual intercourse and the virginity left, one part is gone, if she gives birth another part is gone, the five parts remain, if she made adultery all will go, if she remain with the chastity this five part will remain with her (miskat anwar 235). Unfortunately as long as we go far near to the world ending the more this behavior disappear from women not say the man!

13.  Once prophet ask angel Gabriel after me will you descend on earth? Angel Gabriel replies yes the prophet of God, I will descend on earth ten times to bring ten golden things out of the earth.

The prophet was asked what are that golden things? Angel Gabriel said: first I will descend on earth to bring up bless. Second I will bring up the mercy third I will bring up the modesty and shyness out the women eyes. Fourth I will bring up friendship out the men heart. Fifth I will bring up fair out the heart of the leaders. Sixth I will bring up trusty out of the heart of the friends. Seventh I will bring up generosity out of the heart of the riches. Eighth I will bring up out of the heart of the poor patient. Ninth I will bring up wisdom out the heart of the wise men. Tenth I will bring up faith from the heart of the believers (isna ashariya 330)

14.  Prophet (peace be up on him) says the day of resurrection will not be hold on except modesty is disappeared from the children and women (safinatu bihar: 1:362)

There is no doubt that modesty has many fruits Sprite and materially here and here after, leaving shyness and modesty also has a negative result.

15.  It has been narrated also from salman that if God want the destruction of somebody he will leave out of him the modesty, when that happen nothing will meet him just fear and feared, when that happen the trusty will be gone, when that happen it will be only devil with him the damn one (Miakatu Anwar: 223).

Whoever abandon the modesty and being rude he will be evildoer, and there is no backbite on an evildoer.  

16.  The holy prophet said: who throws the cloth of modesty there is no backbite him. (miskatul Anwar 223).

Who is like this he is an evil, and will not car about Good or bad no one expect from him goodness and virtue.

17.  Imam Reza (peace be up on him) says: nothing remain from alike of the prophets, except the Speeches of the people: if you are not shy do whatever you want.

This means that he will not care neither the reason nor rules and hierarchy of sharia.

18.  Imam Sadiq (peace be up on him) said: in the book of Misbahu Saria the modesty and shyness is a light, its essence is the forehead of faith, the theism and knowing reject mingling in every things.

Prophet said: shyness and modesty is part of faith, it shackled faith by modesty and modesty by faith, the modest is Omni good, whoever banned modesty he is Omni evil instead of worship and fear of God, being modest toward God is better than seventy years of worshiping God, the insolence is sample of hypocrite wretched and disbelieve.

The holy prophet said: if you are not ashamed do whatever you want, it means if you leave modesty whatever you do good or bad you will be punished, the power of modesty is from sorrow and fear, it is the house of fear, it starting is charisma, and its ending is sight, the modest is occupied by his own affairs, separated from the others, and interested in what they are in.  

Prophet has said: if God wants good for his servant he will strongly pouch him doing good, and put his bad straight on his eyes, and avoid seating with people whom they abandon worshiping of God.

The shyness is five parts: shyness of sin, shyness of incompetence, shyness of honor, shyness of love, shyness of deficiency, all of this have their merit, by its own level. (misbahul sharia63 p93).

The shyness also has been separated into two parts: reason shyness, and crazy shyness, as it has been narrated in the hadith, in reality shyness is abstaining from every unwanted behavior, getting away from everything out of this is craziness. Taking distance from the law of religion or fear what is needed reasonably is craziness, not a shyness. From this the shyness is devised in two parts reason shyness and crazy shyness.

19- Prophet said: the modesty is two kinds: reasonable and crazy one. The first is knowledge the second is ignorance (Kafi:2:87).

What he says that is knowledge means its cause is knowledge, it is the cause of light of knowledge. What he says is ignorance means that its cause is ignorance or it is cause of ignorance, the importance is nobody have to be shy in seeking knowledge even if he is old one and his teacher is young as Nassirudine Tussi and Allama hilly 

20-Imam Sadiq (peace be up on him) said: who is humble will get humble knowledge (Kaif 2:87)

This mean if you are ashamed in asking to know your knowledge will not be much.

It is narrated that in Arabic (it is a success in the pleasures one that is brave) sometime crazy shyness prevent from substance. Or saying truth (who is ashamed in saying truth is a real crazy) One will be afflict by delay, deprivation and misery.

Thank God the lord of the universe.

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