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A secret from the secrets of the leader of the believers

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

A secret from the secrets of the leader of the believers by Sayid Adel Alawy

Is has been narrated rightly in two Groups and sects (shia and sunni) that the right path is Ali leadership (peace be up on him). Every Muslims in his pray seeks God to guide him through the right path and direction, the way of blessed Prophets and Righteous and Martyrs and the virtue (and whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger- those will be with the ones upon whom Allah has bestowed favor of the prophets, the steadfast affirmers of truth, the martyrs and the righteous. and excellent are those as companion.

The path also appeared in the worshiping of God (and that you worship me. This is the straight an right path. Yasine 61 as also sometime it referred to the noble Islamic religion (say indeed my lord has guided me to a straight path- a correct religion-the way of Abraham. Inclining toward truth.) Al Anam 6. And whoever desires other than Islam as religion- never will it be accepted from him Ali Imran 85. by the right path human will reach the success (and moreover, this is my path which is straight, so follow it Al Anam 153. there is no doubt that paths are two, this world path and hereafter path, one of them describe the other one, there is link between them in knowledge and in action. Mofaddal ibn Umar says ((I have asked Aba Abdillah (peace be up on him)  about the path he replies is the path of knowing God the exalted, they are two paths, here and hereafter the here path is the legitimate Imam which is a duty to follow him, who knows him and imitate him by his guidance will pass the path that is over the hell of Jahanama. Who does not know him here will failed and enter in the hell)) Imam sadiq described the exact sample of the right path when he said: there is no Vaile between God and his represent, we are the Gates of God, and we are the right path we are his treasure of knowledge we are the translators of his divine religion and we are the fundamental stone of his theism as we are the his bank secret)). It has been narrated from Abu Hamza thiomali from Abi Abdillah (peace be up on him)  I have asked him about the verse saying (this is a right path through me) he said I swear by God is Ali (peace be up on him)   he is the balance and the right path it has been narrated also from Abi Abdallah Imam Ali said if God wants he introduce himself to his servitors directly, but he has made us as his gate entrance and his path and his way and the direction that we have to come from, whoever get out of our leadership, or considered other person virtue over us, they will go astray(but indeed those who do not believe in the hereafter are deviating from the path).  And whoever has been deviated from the right path will go straight to the hell of Jahannam the worsen place. From Abi Basire from Abi Abdillah(peace be up on him)  said: the path which the devil Ibliss says I will keep them out of the path is Ali(peace be up on him) devil Ibliss since day sixth had sworn by the kingdom of God will misguide all except the loyal servants and group that is so little. After the passing away of prophet all have been deviated from the leadership of Imam Ali except a little group and prophet Mohammad has said: about his leadership and his right (I swear by the greatness of God Ali is only one Gate of God indeed he is the right path he is the one that God will reclaim his leadership in the day of resurrection)) prophet Mohammad has said: one day angel Gabriel came to me and said: can I give you good information about what we will climb over the sirat (path)? Then I say yes. He says by the light of God you will pass it and Ali will pass by your light, your light comes from the light of God, your nation will pass by the light of Imam Ali, and light of Ali is from your light ((who God does not give a light he will not have any light)) and he said the day of resurrection none will pass the over the hell of jahannam without the leadership of Ali (peace be up him)   that’s what is meant about the verse (stop them they have to be asked) the leadership of Imam Ali(peace be up him)   And said: in day of resurrection none will pass without devoting and bear witness for the leadership of Imam Ali (peace be up him)   in the wakee hadith abu saeed said: O the prophet of God what is the devoting on Imam Ali (peace be up him) ? He replies bear witness that god is one and Mohammad is his Prophet in another long hadith none will pass sirat except one that accepts the leadership of Ali(peace be up him)   and the leadership of his family Imams. In the of resurrection Imam Ali will seat down in the paradise of firdaws it is a tall hill on its top is the throne of Allah from it the river of paradise get out and spreading around the all paradise none will pass without the reconnaissance of Imam Ali leadership and his son imams, then the lover of imam will enter in the paradise his enemies will enter in hell. (O God we believed and follow our leader our guide your right path the clairvoyance him and all whom they follow him. Exalt is God, I bear witness that he is the guide Imam which you have mentioned in your book: and indeed it is, in the Mother of the Book with us, exalted and full of wisdom. I will not mix him in leadership he is my unique Imam the real right path and its secret is the leadership of Imam Ali and his sons the infallible Imams the leadership stand as the leadership of our prophet which is divine leadership of God which is the source of Good success in the two Worlds. Imam Ali said I am the length straight path between paradise and hell and I am the balance. Eternal peace due to the right path our leader Ali (peace be up him)   whom all prophets and custodians and righteous have sign contract with God in his leadership and his infallible sons (peace be up them)   

All our greeting to the Islamic nation for the birth day of the son of the Kabba Good success for all in the following of the leadership of Imam Ali (peace be up him)   and his progeny thank you all.    

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