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Why Ali Swores allegiance to Abu-Bakr Umar and Usman?

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

A Wahhabi asks: If Ali (may God bless him) was the legitimate successor of prophet why he swore allegiance to Abu-Bakr Umar and Usman?!

If you answer that he was weak and incompetence and helpless, then someone like this could not be a leader, a leader should be powerful. And if you say he was competent and not weak but he did not get it, is a betrayed then a traitor has not to be a Imam, then he is not trustworthy over the nation, as you know that  he is far very from all this then what is your right answer?

Our answer is: first there is no doubt that he is the represent of God and the successor of prophet in the real meaning. and it have been mentioned three roles for Imam the formative representation and Imamate –for prophet or custodian- which is in the complete human being the transfigure of the God’s name the represent of God on earth, the legislation representation and Imamate which its duty is spreading and propagating the message of prophet and safeguarding it, and explain it to the people, and the Imamate of the world, which governing is controlling the human affaires this is Imam duty, he perform it when the conditions are gathered, one of the condition is people have to recognize him actively, it is not enough to believe by hearty only, this is what have been happen to Imams except Imam Ali(peace be up on him) after grapping and stilling of his right for longtime and Imam Hassan(peace be up on him) after his father when they let him down and turn to Mu’awiya as you know his dish was more creamy and there was secured, the power remains there, the same thing goes with the Beni Abbes and khalifs until the fall of Baghdad, from this the khilafat was vanished then they started new formula which was kingdom and revolution and military coups, -led cultural invasion of the western or eastern capitalist or socialist, then the Islamic state separated into several parts to the ending that is not praised as it is today the degeneration of the Muslims and their withdraw, and their conspiracy president for the colonization and hegemony of the west or east and ruling dictator over Islamic country which are the result of Shakifat (Penthouse) but God has promised that the inheritor of the earth are the righteous slaves of Allah, Mahdi will make it full of fair and justice after it has been full of oppression and injustice. God will not miss his promise and his victory is near.

Second: what you have said that: he has sworn allegiance to Abu-Bakr Umar and Usman this is a lie, how come he do that after complaining on them in the sermon of Saqsaquiyya and also in another text which we will not mention it again you refer can to the Murajiat Book by Allama Seyid Sharafuddine Al Amuly.

Third: what has been happened to the leader of the believer (peace be up on him) was not in betray or weakness instead was in the order of Allah and his Apostle after the recommendation if he has not a helper he will help him, indeed they have humiliated him and stilled his right and throw him away from his level and power in this life, life has been decorated in their eyes, they considerate it, then they denied him as the leader, he has nothing else to do except forbearance, In the eye eyesore in the throat melodious.

And it is not that whoever has an ability of something and not react he is a betrayer, Imam Ali could re-act against them but he was banned by the advice of the prophet, as you know he was never disobeys the single order of prophet under hair, this is what the eminent Seyid Allama sharafu diin Amuli has said in his book: (Annas Wal Ijtihad p 20) after the gathering SHAKIFA (Penthouse) version (Imam Ali was completely aware of what they are doing to coup d’état him) if he disputes with them they also will dispute with him and if he fight them they also will fight him, and will cause catastrophe in the religion of Islam and dangerous in the community, then he chooses abstinence because of Islam and for the common interests, and more important over important, a covenant between him and the prophet, then he kept silent. You can refer to the authors of seyid in the (falsafatu Almisaq Wawilaya) and Almuraja’a p 82 and 84 it has been detailed there. Yes he stays in his house being angry until they take him out by force, as Abubackre Al jawhari in his book Ashakifa said and in the translation of the voice of eloquence by Ibn Abil Hadid v2 p19

When he says to Abu-Bakr:

If you convince them by family membership of prophet, others are more legitimate than you.

If you convince them by consultation, how come when the members of the consultation were absent?

Imam Ali said: safeguarding Islam is our priority, this is why he was inter acting with them at this way peacefully after the prophet as do not miss that the allegiance to Abu backr was a slip may God save us from its evil as they said(Abubakr said: my allegiance is a slip may God protect its evil…) the explanatory of the voice of eloquence v1 p 132) that protection was in the hands of Imam Ali as he kept silence over the harms in order to keep Islam alive may God reward him the best one.

Question: when Imam Ali accepted the Khilafat he did not differ with the precedent khalifs, he had not create another Qoran, did not blame any one of them more than that he use to declare that(the best of this nation after prophet is Abu backr and Umar) and did not allow temporary Marriage, and did not take back Fadak and the fun in haj (mutatul haj) and also the (hayya Alal hayril Amal) in Azan and did not omit (Assalatu Hayrun Minan Nawm) if Abu Backr and Umar were unbeliever grasped the Islamic leadership from Ali –as you advocated- why he did not lightened that as being the leader? In fact we see the opposite, he praise and thanked them, accept what he has accepted or say that he betrayed the nation of Islam, As it is impossible.

The right answer: Lack of conscience does not imply the non-existence, you have the answer because you are in the center of whom praise the companion of prophet extremely as they said they are best one after prophet straightening by tens of false Hadiths in mentioning their virtue and excellency which differed with common sense and the reality, it is enough for you to read our book (shia book) to know where is the right.

Second: the leader of believer has complained them in their life how would he not complain them in their passing away , is it not Abdurahman Ibn Awf asked him to lead the nation the Quran and the Sunna of the prophet beside the biography of the two Saykhs Abu Backr and Umar Ali rejected the third condition and said Quran and the Sunna and his own effort, then Abdu Rahman turn out to Usman, after their passing away? you can read the sermon of Saqsakiyya to understand how he complains them.

Third: talking about it is famous that Imam Ali use to say (Abubakr and Umar are the best after prophet) is a lie and false, if it was famous one there would have not been dispute at the beginning until today, if it is like what you are complaining why then he blames them? more than that why they gathered in saqifat secretly and loading their voices saying we have leader as you have one they have to go to Ali peace be up on him) and judge them and tell them who is the best and then everything finish.

And this information will not goes with his staying at home 25 years patiently oppressed one, how could he said that the best one are them and he enter in Islam before him? Or they were more knowledgeable than him or more pious than him or they know better Qoran than him, how can Abu bakr be better when he said (I have an evil with me it confuse me, and I am not the best as long the father of Hassan is here)

Fourth: what you have said of references in Imam Ali did not complain against them in his era of leadership is lie and defamation or ignorance of the realities, in every single source need a special letter as our scholars have done. Talking about the temporary Marriage it was allowed by God and his prophet it was existed in Abubackr reign and part of Umar he has forbidden them contrary the Sharia of Allah and his prophet and also the Mutt’a of haj as he said: (two Mutt’a was legal in the time of prophet I forbid them and I will punish everyone who perform them) the rest you can find their answer in the Book (Annass Wal ijtihad) by sharafuddine Al- amuli

Fifth: stilling the khilafa from Imam Ali (peace be up on him) is not Shia version only, it is a reality of history everyone know it, we can refer to what the household narrated about it one of this reference is (Saksakiya sermon) as he illustrated what have been happen against him from any kind of oppression, and dressing the cloth of khilafa by falsely and unjustly, according what it has been said about praising them is not true is falsified by their partisans of the reign  of Bani Umayya and Bani Abass, the Pens wage of Preachers sultans and history writers, were with them doing whatever they need in order to keep their kingdom.

May the eternal God's curse be on the wrongdoers.

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