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Gift and Masterpiece 5

Gift and Masterpiece 5


Some of the useful Zikr from the eminent teacher Sheikh Rajab Ali Hayyat may God bless him.

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

For everyone who is thinking of purifying his behavior and struggling with his own soul that directing to evil by the greatest jihad, until taking control over it and being pure one, then turn to his lord happily, then enter into the paradise of his lord with his outstanding worshipers under the throne of God. The keys paradise name in hereafter are the Zikr

These are some useful Zikrs in this field from our teacher the eminent teacher Sheikh Rajab Ali Hayyat may God bless him:

1-saying a lot ya daem (يا دائم يا قائم).

2-for opposing aim of soul saying everyday thirteen time Allahumma lakal hamdu wa Ilayka Almustaka wa Antal Musta’anu(اللّهم لك الحمد وإليك المشتكى وأنت المستعان).

3-also to get control over the bad soul saying always: la hawla wa la huwata illa billahi Al aliyi Al Azim(لا حول ولا قوة إلّا بالله العلي العظيم).

4-one of the useful zikr in self-purifying is: yaghaniy (يا غني يا كريم) two hundred times

5-he used to say (peace be up him) ya zakiy attahir min kul aaffatin bi Qodsih(يا زَاكيَ الطّاهرُ مِن كلّ آفةٍ بقُدسِه) entering into the field of self-purifying maybe it takes years to effect. thank God the lord of the universe first and last, peace be up on the prophet and his noble prophet Rajab 13th 1437H  

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