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every day is ashura, every land is karbala

In the name of Allah the Beneficient the Merciful

God Almighty said

Have you not considered how Allah presents an example, [making] a good word like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed and its branches [high] in the sky? It produces its fruit all the time, by permission of its Lord

Know that Basmallah in its reality and essence is the beginning of origin in everything, except God almighty, ranging from all creatures, objects, natural assets and that which is beyond nature such as abstractions  and the metaphysical worlds. Surely God almighty created everything in his mercy  making love and relation a being of his creations as a sign of his mercy, majesty, and prestige, fore he is generous to those who believe in him and those that don’t believe in him, he

provides sustenance to the believers ,however he attached his mercy  which is beyond love and humanity in his beauty and perfection to anyone devotes all this in the worship of his lord and master and by doing this he will find the love and mercy of his lord.

The first creature; God created sense from light,he then said to it reason and accept it reasoned and accepted, God almighty then said by my beauty and prestige I didn’t create anything greater than you, i will use you as a means of judgment and  punishment, as I created ignorance from darkness, when God almighty created ignorance, he said to it reason and accept it reasoned but wont accept ,he then got angry at it ,God love intellect and intellectuals and hates ignorance and the ignorant, ignorance leads to sin which causes the anger of the lord ,and it is contradicting intellect just like intellect is always contradicting ignorance, it should be noted that an ignorant that make effort to learn is loved by God.

Also intellect is a means to worshipping the almighty God, and a path to heavenly abode, an intellectual person is he who believes in the origin and return (مبدء والمعاد), prophecy, imamate and in the right religion, that is a true believer.


The angels then glorified God ……… like that which Adam has, their thoughts glorifies God, but a complete glorification is of that who has worldly and permanent connection, this make his glorification with knowledge, pure mind, certainty, and holiness even though he has a choice between virtues and vices,  good and evil, right and wrong, this are what makes the glorification of human better than that of angels.

The almighty then said to human mind,abandone you desires,accept and turn to the one who created u the land and the skies ,just like Abraham did,fore the love of parents towards their child is innate, God wanted to test him so he command him to slaughter his son,he accepted and said I have submitted my self to god almighty, this happened in his old age , like it happened in his youth when he smashed and broke the idols, he accepted his faith in God and entered the fire of nimrod, then Angel Gabriel came and said to him do you need anything,Abraham replied him by saying if the need is from you then I don’t but if its from God, he knows what is about to happen and he is will give all that I seek from him.

And the fire was cool and peace for him, and some of the people believed in God as they saw how the idols couldn’t take revenge from Abraham and how his God helped him from the fire of nimrod and changed it cool and peace.

God almighty the command the and to think again about sins and and vices and then on relations and selfish desires so as to accept the love of God and get close to him.

The evidence of thought and acceptance was completed on the day of ashura and on the land of Karbala, How the master of martyrdoms imam Husain (A.S) accepted his Lord and his mind accepted with the best of acceptance.


God has two excuse on his creations and they are, reason and revelation, the revelation is the virtual excuse while reasoning is the hidden excuse, also just as it is compulsory to expand, respect, and reverence the virtual excuse that is from prophets it is also compulsory to reverence and respect the reasoning too. Only an ignorant person disrespects the reasoning and follows his desires to the extent that his reasoning is defeated by his desires and he cannot accept his Lord, fore he is deaf and does not hear anything therefore he remains in ignorance and darkness, and lost in this world and the hereafter and that is the manifest loss, like Umar ibn Saad he followed his heart desire and the love of the city of Rai, he refused to follow imam Husain, and for that he lost the world and the hereafter.


The first consideration about the mind is on obedience, as it accepts the world by obeying God almighty, fore the thought and acceptance of the mind is out of obedience to the almighty God, but the thoughts of the ignorant is out of sin, as it does not accepts the truth rather it stays in ignorance that was created from darkness and it is the path to hell fire, like infidel, hypocrite, and womanizer who doesn’t repent from his sins.

King Solomon and the king of the martyrs Imam Hussein :

And Solomon the prophet requested from his Lord that he becomes a king such that no one can ever attain such throne, and God granted him his wish, however this was done to give him strength to obey god, it was the unintended consequences of a just king in his parish, not to benefit from the king and his dominion.

Also  the king of martyrs imam husayn, requested to be a king in bearing the pain of misfortunes and calamities such that no one can bear such pains, neither before nor after him, he beard all the pains and left his family, children, and loved ones in order to accept his lord and attain high level from his lord.

He cited Abu Abdullah Alhusayn, he will cry for him and it nominated him for revenge day and night, and he cried blood instead of tears, until it savors the human mind and the justice for husayn on the day of ashura, the good words tha originally fixed and lifted it to the skies will pay off all the time by the special grace of God, and the hypocrites fought him for the hate of his father,and imam ali was the embodiment of reason and justice in the creations and time did no generate some one like him, is that why the where angry at him?

Human and Happiness:

There is no doubt that humans are the best creations,the main purpose of his creation is the succession of his lord in his names and attributes so that he will find happiness in this world and the hereafter.

What is meant by happiness here is he will be accepted by Allah, and his close patriarchs, so that he will be with them in the gardens of paradise.

House line on this information and mystical system, and that first of all we must know what a human being is? Is he a talking animal like logicians say?  Or like the segregants say he is reflecting the supreme qualities of the lord.

Secondly we must define the universe and the world, what is the universe? And what is the purpose behind its creation? There are different views on this between the the divine and the materialist as described in details in its place.

Thirdly: what is the position and place of human in this wide universe that is beyond human comprehension?

Now we will define the meaning of human happiness, that Allah created the universe for him and he subjected that which is in the heavens and the earth, and he put desire and love in his heart, like the relationship and his belongings and that which is aligned to what they own, all this out of his mercy and kindness, he then request that he accept him with deep thought on his desires and relations and his animal instincts, to be his successor in his creations and in his land, and that you will not attain righteousness unless he gives from that which he loves.

God almighty said:( By no means shall ye attain righteousness unless ye give (freely) of that which ye love;)

And  O mankind, indeed you are laboring toward your Lord with [great] exertion and will meet it. So accept him and put your effort in the service of your lord, with gratitude, and worship your lord with love, longing, and loyalty, and knowledge.

And god out of his mercy give all that humans love, and the angel saw that this will make the humans fall in the abyss , and spread corruption and shed bloods, and I saw the disappearing of human wreckage

of his popularity, but he leaves the worldly things and turn to his lord with loyalty, piety and love of his lord, and saw his decline in vices, and did not see his ascension in virtues that is why God almighty said "Indeed, I know that which you do not know.", he knows about the acceptance of human towards him and they don’t think like Iblis completely  or like the angels in acceptance , and with this they oversees the angels , the angels are at their service and that is why the angels prostrated before them.

Cain and Abel (Habil and Qabil), yusoof and his brothers:

For further clarification we will set an example, indeed Habil and Qabil are brothers from same mother and father, they are the children of Adam and Eve, Qabil wanted worldly glory and he saw that the offering of his brother Habil is prior not his offering, he envied him and killed him, and he fall in the abyss and died a non believer. And also the brothers of yusoof, indeed the love of father that is good and the wanted to get the attention of their father when they understood that he pays more attention to yusoof than any of them, they thought that their father did that as he lost and doesn’t know the reality that they are faced with, and they said kill yusoof, or exile him from the sight of our father so he can pay more attention to us, and he became what he become, but they repented and asked for forgiveness and he accepted their repentance.

Connection to worldly things is the foundation of all vices and evils and the other way round,  disconnection from the is the foundation of all virtues, the foremost is the love of Allah, disconnecting from worldly things does not mean not liking the world but rather it means making it a place to build our heaven, and a place to serve our Lord God almighty(oh Allah enrich us with your love, and the love of your beloved servants, and the love of anything that will bring us closer to you) and let us taste the sweetness of you love, because who ever taste the sweetness of your love will never chose someone instead of you. And he will spend all that he has in the way of Allah, the amount spent shows the degree of righteousness and closeness to God.

Indeed imam husayn (a.s) spent all that he hard for the sake of Allah, when imam zainul abideen (a.s) was passing the corpses of the martyrs, he saw that they were not buried, he got like his soul was about to leave his body, in that moment lady Zainab (a.s) asked him “what is happening to you” he replied her by saying “people have buried their corpses and left ours here like they don’t consider them as muslims and their burial is not compulsory upon them.

He who doesn’t leave all connections for God is the follower of Satan, he considered that he has been worshiping for six thousand years, for that he refused to prostrate for Adam and said “I am better than him” it is from here that we understand the meaning of EVERY DAY IS ASHURA AND EVERY LAND IS KARBALA, every day, every hour, every minute, every second, is Ashura and where ever you might be is Karbala, with your thoughts about Allah and how to obey him, about your good deeds and bad ones.

Philosophy of Religion:

This is the religion of Allah and it law placed upon mankind in order to organize their lives, moderation of power, bringing of individual and social equality and justice, and management of connections and relations in such a way that it will lead to the love of God and his servants, and also to bring about peace and harmony among the people.( that believes in Allah and believes the believers) (9:61)he gives that which he has to his brother(believer) ( but give [them] preference over themselves, even though they are in privation.)(59:9) and this what you will find in the history of the holy prophet and his progeny, indeed they feed the poor, orphan and the captives for the love of God, it is only them that give their food to the needy for three days and stay without eating anything, this is the real islam of prophet Muhammad, but this days the ISIL and the likes of them have spoilt the name of ismal in the face of the world, twisting the real explanation of this verse ( then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you.)  as they burn and explode bombs in public, showing on televisions and this is how satan is pushing them to distortion of the holy Quran.

The master of martyrs heir to the prophets in endurance of misfortunes and calamities, prophet Ibrahim was thrown into the fire of nimrod and imam Husayn entered the fire of Yazid, for that Husayn is a special Gold and other people are sand, he accepted his lord , complete sense and intellect was in Karbala, indeed EVERY DAY IS ASHURA AND EVERY LAND IS KARBALA.





















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