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The extractive from the book of Ghadeer’s festival between existence and the proof – through the pen of Sayid Adl Alawy.


The extractive from the book of Ghadeer’s festival between existence and the proof – through the pen of Sayid Adl Alawy.


Based on what we have from the truthful Islamic believe, to us and all Muslims he or she we must consider the ghadeer day to be the important day for the special worship and need for close approach towards the almighty with prayers, fasting and thankfulness, also salat to the messenger of Allah with his progeny, and damn their enemies whose disown their surpluses, such the way we based the gladness and happiness un to him and stand towards festivals, generosity, feed the family, children’s, friends and closely related loved ones, and share the joy of heaven by collaborating or trapping the delectation sacredness with the heaven angels, and gathering in the palace of jannatul Firdausi (heaven that called by Firdausi) such the way being described by Imam Reza (AS) the Eighth Imam, also we have to help each by necking/accolade and shaking hands principality, with gladness evangelically with  what is been brought from god from the fulfilment of the right path and completeness of his mercy and grace which its surplus will never be guessed, am saying : thanks be upon to Allah the one that makes us among the selected ones that stand firm with the mandate (wilayati) of Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (AS) and his sanctified Families.


And beside that we have to remember that all the incidents and the events of Islam such as the birth of the prophet there will be a variation between Muslim sanctions on when and where, noticing that these variations are there even in the provisions and the branches of the Islamic jurisprudence, and is also there in the Islamic believe and its boundary, except we found the consensus between the Islamic sanctions about these four good Islamic festival days which are: idul fitr, Idul Azha, idaul gadeer and the Friday congregational prayer, though Friday is the last day of the week in which the Muslims congregate and perform congregational prayer such the way it’s in that first day of the month shawwal which is called idul fitr, and the tenth day of (month) zulhajj which also called idul azha, and the eighteenth day of that same zulhijja also called idul gadeer, and the variation found not about the how, where and when these issue of Ghadir happening between the Muslim sanctions, we should think so deeply.

As it’s well known that the main diversion between the two major Islamic sanctions is that Idul Ghadir which is the source of the Imamate issue, as we all known that each and every Friday Muslims combine around their leaders (leaders and Friday Imam) as to listen their speeches, announcement and preaching’s, such origin of the fully announcement institutes or be in Ghadir’s day, if it happens (which is not possible) the prophet (SAW) did not assign the Imam after him, definitely his message is not fulfilled, the prophet didn’t do such (leaving his followers without assign the one to overtake) so that he gathered all the Muslims around him in that eighteenth day of zulhijja at one place called Ghadir and also assign them a master and superior as he does yearly at different places in his life time about this great event, likewise Muslims gathered around their leaders in the idul fitr and Idul Azha, we should also think so deeply.

With all these should know that: the culture or education of those whose follows the command given by the prophet (SAW) we found ourselves standing firm on four principles:

1- Full-grown and well-founded monotheism.

2- Genuine prophecy.

3- Great full Ghadir.

4- The existing Ashura.

The third one (Great full Ghadir) present and highlight the genuine Imamate, such as the fourth one (The existing Ashura) shows that we are always against guilty and we are with innocent one.


With this we are saying that: nothing will contribute in true believe and standing firmed than sacrifice.

At the end we thank god the greater of the world.


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