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If knowledge is treasury, surely it key is question. For we ask the men of understanding, meaning: the righteous scholars and amongst their leaders is Muhammad (S.A.W.A) and the household of Muhammad (S.A.W.A), because pure knowledge and clear signs is in the bosom of those who were given the knowledge. And this knowledge cannot be accessed except from luminous well-springs and fresh fountains; go towards the east or the west you will never find what satisfies the thirsty except in the Quran and the tradition of the prophet and his pure hausehold.

There is nothing after knowledge better than the prayer; this means the superiority of knowledge to Swalat which is the pillar of religion but the best among all acts. Two Raka'at observed by a scholar is worth more than the vigil of an ignorant in worship throughout the night; that’s because an ignorant might be having issues with his faith or devotion caused by doubt or whispering from the Satan. But a scholar is always with knowledge and certainty in his devotion, he is like a firm mountain which cannot be moved by windstorm from devious waves of thought and boiling doubt; for God is worshiped and unified through knowledge, for the Khawarij in the army of Amirul Mumineen, Ali (a.s) used to say the swalat and they were men with dark-foreheads from too much prostration, but they were not with sound and beneficial knowledge thus they fought against the Imam of their time and rebound against him.

It is narrated in history that one of the companions of Imam Ali was walking with him during one night in one of the streets of Kufa when he heard someone reciting the Quran with a sorrowful voice: "What! He who is obedient during hours of the night, prostrating himself and standing", he felt the status of the reciter and his proximity to God, then Amirul Mumineen said to him: " let it not surprise you that the man is one of the people of hell", days passed and alas! the reciter of the Quran was among the army of Khawarij. And the virtue of a scholar remains, if he continues to combine his knowledge with good deed, and behave with the behaviors of Allah and fear Allah: "Those of his servants only who are possessed of knowledge fear Allah".

And what is meant by scholars is he whose saying corresponds with his action. With the like of this scholar, when a scholar is righteous, the world becomes righteous; and with the like of this righteous scholar becomes blessing, he becomes a blessing to the creatures, he then safeguards the servants of Allah from ignorant, doubt and deviation. He guides human and the weakly to knowing Allah, his messenger and the Imam of his time, until their lives and death is of truth and knowledge.

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