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A secret from the secrets of the leader of the believers

A secret from the secrets of the leader of the believers ... Read more

The Modesty

The fundamental building of life ... Read more

A secret from the secrets of Imam Mahdi(peace be up him)

I have written this essay in 15th of sha’ban 1436H in the night of fate which the holy sprite Angels descend with every wise thing for the Imam of Age (peace be up on him) ... Read more

Secret from the secrets of Fatima(peace be up on her)

Zahra(peace be up on her) is the secret of the existence ... Read more

The tested Hatm for love and intimacy between spouses

Hello dear brothers, as we have promised brothers and sisters the partners of Gifts and Masterpieces this is another part of that here it is: writ this Hatm and put it under your pillow ... Read more

Gifts and masterpieces 4

This is the fourth part from the Gifts and the masterpieces I have allowed everyone to use it in a one condition that is using it in the right way. ... Read more

Gifts and Masterpiece 3

I notice that most of our visitors are youth and student and cultivated people. ... Read more

Gift and Masterpiece 2

It is my pleasure to continue with friends and fellows Muslims in this new service which is giving bunch of zikrs wirds and hatms to solve neediness as a Gift and Masterpiece 2 I have gave the first part by Basmala there is a say(everything that comes from mindfulness without Basmala is amputated).

... Read more

Gifts and Masterpiece 1

Gifts and Masterpiece1
In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

All praises due to Allah and pray and peace to the noblest creature Muhammad and his household specially the Imam of age May god hasten his reappearance and make it easy.

To everyone in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter alawy net and other social networks and our all readers our salutation to you all, we are telling you that our first Facebook administrator is in Iraq now that’s why our communication and interaction in the domain of science and culture is not moving forward well, That’s why I have done a istihara -asking God what to do- thank god it was good that to create news subject with friends about the Good actions such as prays zikr and specific hatms which I have experienced them in my life, I learn them from my teachers. they are In the book zubdatoul Asrar feel ulumi al ghariba it is not yet printed because of self-reason. They are for solving problems like extending sustains, debt paying, strong memory, enemy predominate, predicate of sorrow and threat, prevent evil confusion, even also preventing child crying too much. This work, I have done it in my youth era this is a special gift which I reserved for the friends by all humbleness in the shake of God

Reciting Basmala in every case
Whoever has any kind of need he can be in solitary performing two rak’as in by intention of being near to God, by the intention of solving needy he recites in every rak’a 19 times of (Bismillahi rahmani Rahim) he recites 19 times the chapter of hamd then chapter of tawhiid(hul huwa allahu ahad) one time, after the pray is finished he says pray to prophet Muhammad 10 times then says Basmala(Bismillahi rahmani Rahim) 786 times in one place no more no less, because the number in azkar like soul or teeth of keys if it is more or less it will not open the door, after the Basmala786 times he says prays to prophet and his household 130 times then say this pray (BISMALLAHI RAHMANI RAHIM ALLAHUMMA INNI AS ALUKA BI ISMIKA ARRAHAMANI ARRAHIMI ALLAZI LA ILAH ILLA HUWA ALHAYYU AL QUAYYUM LA TAHUZUHU SINNATUN WALA NAWMUN ALLAZI MALA AT AZAMATUHU ASSAMAWATI WAL ARD, WA AS ALUKA BI ISMIKA BISMILLAHI RAHMANI RAHIM ALLAZI LA ILAHA ILLA HUWA HASHA AT LAHU AL ABSAR WA WAJALAT LAHU AL HULUB MIN HASHYTI HI AN TU SALLI ALA MUHAMMAD WA ALI HI AN TUTIYANI HAJATI)

Then you ask your need it will be solved God willing

... Read more

The declaration of the Ayatollah seyid Adel Alawy against the tragedy of mina (Mecca) in the day of Adha eid (sacrifice feast)

The declaration of the Ayatollah seyid Adel Alawy against the tragedy of mina (Mecca) in the day of Adha eid (sacrifice feast)

In the name of God the merciful the compassionate

We are for God into him we will return

(…O God the beholder of Generosity and greatness…whom he orders this day as a feast for all Muslims)

It is the sacrifice feast (eid al adha) the pilgrims slaughter their sacrifices in shake of God, as also God make it as a feast for all Muslims, but the family of Saudi and their kings has broken and spoiled Mecca and change this feast as a funeral day by their bad mastering and directing, oppressing the Yemeni population, beside their plot and conspiracy with the terrorist in Iraq Syria and other Islamic countries.

It is a duty for every Muslim to denounce this oppression on these martyrs of the pilgrims, which has been yearly happening because of their neglect. This tragedy could not be justified by fate in order to escape from their responsibility; it is also a duty for the Islamic nations to ask back the two holy shrines from the Saudi family they are not legacy for them. They are common legacy for all Muslims. I ask God the exalted one great level for the martyrs and good recovery for the injuries and peacefully return for the pilgrims.

All Praise due to Allah

Wednesday September 30th 2015
... Read more

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