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The greatest transfigure

The level of (greatest mastery) for our noble prophet Mohammad and his progeny the infallibles (peace be upon them) is the most comprehensive in their existence, ... Read more

The inheritor of the prophets

The holy prophet said: it is written on the throne of God by a green color _whicht is the knowledge color_ Hussein is the lamp of right and safe boat) peace due to you O Abdallah father and all soul which fallen with you my eternal salutation due to you forever as long as I am alive. May not be my last ziyarat to you, peace to Hussein and to Ali son of Hussein, and the children of Hussein and the companion of Hussein. Peace upon you all and the blessing of God. ... Read more

Friendship_Question and Anawer

a question about friendship. ... Read more

Four principles of building a life

Imam JAFAR Sadiq tells us how he build his life, it was like the size of rectangular like the kaaba the holy house of God in four attitude 1- To work hard, 2- Certainty in heart, 3- Modesty of God Almighty 4- Prepare for eternal life to win the happiness and success. ... Read more

Know your enemy the satan

My dear friends previously I was talking with you about knowing our first and unique arch enemy the devil the cursed one. I have cited many verses which introduce that enemy, now I am citing another verses in order to be in clear position. ... Read more

what about you with Quran

There is no doubt that our glory prophet son of Abdullah is the best prophet and Master of the Prophets and he is the guide of the ways. He has left behind two Successors Quran and his glory household the infallibles and the pure (peace be upon them) ... Read more

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