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Secret from the secrets of Fatima Zahra by: Ayatollah Sayid Adel al alawy (may god keep him in safe)

Secret from the secrets of Fatima Zahra by: Ayatollah Sayid Adel al alawy (may god keep him in safe)

»Fatima Zahra mirror of the beauty of god the exalted one «

Thanks due to God who created the heavens and the earths, who he knows invisible and visible, pray and salutation due to the holiest creature of god the prophet Muhammad and his infallible household. My god make me to speak by righteousness and put in my inner piety: a divine and repeated hadith has been narrated from two groups (Shia and sunna) that the prophet Muhammad who never say by his own desire and will, he only speaks by divine revelation, he had said that: ((o’ Fatima for sure god will be angry by your angry and he will be happy by your happiness)). And he said: ((For sure god is content by the contentment of Fatima and he is angry by her angry and sadness))

It is constant that as affection and evidence and Qur'an approved, love (the bent of heart toward beloved) and the hatred (the opposite of love) it is an actions of hearts their place is heart, their effects appear trough human organs, the thing that human hides in his inner it show up in his slip tongue and his face by coercive as it appears by free, due to the essence of the love and hatred they are divided into four parts, this means that hearts are four kinds:

first; the deviling heart: devil and his soldier such as breather temptation into the mind of men, steals the heart of human being and make it his nest then makes eggs then produce young bird on it as the leader of believers has pointed out (peace be up on him) in the (commentary of  Nahjul balagha sermon 7 ) 

The holy prophet said: will come to the people a time or period their face is a human face but their hearts are devils hearts. And god said in the holy book: do I inform you to whom the Satan will come he comes to layer and sinner. This heart likes satanic likes as he hate by satanic benchmark. May god keeps us safe from that.      

Second: the animal heart, which conquered by affection and prejudice, which it is from the power of anger and lust, according to his lean lusting and his power of angry it likes. The exalted one said:(relate to them the plight of man whom we gave our signs, but he passed them by, so that Satan came after him, and he went astray. We want to exalt him, but he loved baseness and fallowed his lust his likeness is that of a dog who hangs out his tongue if you drive him away and still hangs it out if you leave him alone).chapter7 v 175. (The day the trumpet blast is sounded you will come in hordes). Annaba18

Third: Intellect heart: intellect is part of god blessing and gift of corporeality on human it is what meant by the prophets and righteous when they said: (the intellect is what has been through it god worshiped and by it we found the paradises), by it we punish or reward, the great Imam sadiq  when he hear someone praising someone else he used to ask how is his intellect »how is his mind « and the glory prophet has said to Imam Ali the leader of believer: »o’ Ali when the worshipers try be near by  god with  kindness try to be near to him by intellect you will be the first to reach god (forgo them) « people like intellectuals and sagacity discernment their like and dislike are turning around pure mind, by all meaning of intellect and its ranks. 

Fourth: the mystic (god knower) heart: the center of ( aarif) loving is the contentment of god the exalted one: he likes or dislikes by god and in god, according to their hearts bent, humans are divided into three parts as god said in the chapter of Baqara:1-( there are some who pray: give us O lord, in the world; but they will forgo their share in the life to come). Chapter 2 v200

2-(But some there are who pray: give us of good in the world, O lord and give us of good in the life to come and suffer us not to suffer the torment of hell). Chapter 2 v201

3-And there is a man who is willing to sell even his soul to win the favor of god; and God is passionate to his creatures.

The third group there who sell his soul in sake of god this one will be very near to god in a kind his heart will like crystal clear and very clean water; his soul will be god holy shrine and throne, the callers for god knowledge and his secret. One day a person oppressed Imam Ali servant; Khambar he decided to revenge, Imam told him not to do that, and Imam says:( if you forgive you will make your lord  happy and if you take your revenge make you will make Satan happy) there is no doubt that who is the contentment of god is his center of doing god will defend him and guide him through the praised way, and into the peace one (which god guide there whom follow his contentment, the paths of peace). Likes and dislikes sometime follow the goals of Satan sometime they follow the desire of soul which is an indicator of wrong doing and third is the pure intellect and fourth is the contentment of god the exalted one.

But the contentment of Fatima the (Master of women) and her anger sometime depend on the contentment or angry of god. If god is happy of something Fatima also will be happy too, as the vice versa. Her aim is deeply rooted in the aim of Allah and his will, so he will be then the face of god and the contentment and anger mirror of god, as it’s known that by face we identify thing, as a person will be identified by his face, if it is identified by his back, for sure he has been identified by his face first, according to this who knows the invisible part he first knows the visible one. Imam Reza says in uyunul ahbar that: who say there is no god but god the exalted one he will get the reward of someone who is looking at god face. And he was asked O, the son of prophet what that’s mean? He replied: god face is the prophets and apostles, looking at them seem to be looking at god face. It is narrated from Jesus too when his disciples ask him: O, the prophet of god who we have to live with? Jesus says: the one who remember you god when you see him.

The servant will seek to be near to god by superfluous actions until god like him there god will be his ear which he listens by and his eye which he watch by. As he seeks to be near to god by imposing actions (farayid) then he becomes god eye and ear. That is what is named in the mystic school of ahlul bayt: level of be nearby god with imposed actions. As previous named level of nearby by god with superfluous actions. Our Master Fatima was the face of god and his beauty, the martyr will look at god face, the resident of paradise too, and his amiability will not be missed. It’s narrated that from a hadith of prophet he says Salman! Who like my daughter Fatima will be my partner in paradise. 

And who make her angry will be in hell, this kind of like or dislike which is following the like or dislike of god, shows the fundamental or auctioning infallibility, god likes to be obeyed and hate disobeyed, whoever like what god likes for sure he will be obedient not disobedient, this is one part from infallibility and abstinence and faraway from sin.

As is no doubt that all greatness are in the existence of Fatima she is above infallibility, since god is happy by her contentment and god also is angry by her anger. This is according to her realm existence, as her contentment according to her external existence. And this is a secret part of her secrets, which not be known except deeper in knowledge such as Prophet Muhammad and his household peace upon them, and their right followers such as Salman, he is part of us.

It is no doubt that in our solid believe, indeed god is all doer he does whatever he wants he control everything in the universe of commend and creation. When he wills a thing he has only to say “be” and it is. He has created the heavens and the earth in six days. Universe of commandment the first from there and the second from the universe of creation

The infallible are the bunch intermediate Merci of god for his holy and holiest deluge; by the permission of god,  they have the power of involving in the universe of formation as in the universe of creation that’s why we have to understand them and their high level, and what is behind them of secrets, as the success of this world and hereafter will be happen only by following their wilayat (Mastership)  try to do what they do through their right path, and knowing the right, and able to differentiate it from falsehood, god will ask that in the day of resurrection(stop them they have to be asked). There is no doubt that: whom their contentment was god contentment and their anger was god anger and grief, also their obedient was god obedient their disobedient is god disobedient they have full authority in the universe organism, for sure Fatima was one of the personality that have such level, as has already revealed the position of Zahra is above infallibility her position was god biggest infallibility.

Praise due to Allah the lord of the universes.