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congratulation for the holy month of ramadan

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

Happy New Year

God says in his holy book: ( holy month of Ramadan which God has send down the holy book of Quran a guide for all human being)

The holy prophet has says :( O mankind the holy month of God come to you by bless and forgiveness, the best month for god, you have been invited to be invitee of God, you have become part of God honored).

O God invitee and Islamic nation we are congratulating you for this holy month of Ramadan, the month of guide and month of distinguishing between false and right, asking God to bestow his mercy in the heart of the nation make them to love each other and united them, help Islam and muslims, and let down Infidelity and infidels, may God reckonings us as the success guiders, and Holy Masters, and to be part of person whom they will be present in the night of Qadr, and give us strength to fast the month and make pray it's night, read Quran, and breakfast, and give Charity, Good manners and And piety from God forbids, may God bless you well-being

ADEL Alawy

first day of ramadan