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Prophet passing away

In the name of god the merciful the compassionate

at the time of prophet he has felt a danger from roman to Islam and organized an army by the leadership of Jafar son of Abutalib in the battle of Muta in eighth H and one year later he has also set up another Army by the the same leader with three hundreds thousand soldiers in tabuk one year later he set up another by the participation of Ansars and Muhajiroun with remarkable prophet companions such as Abubakr Abu ubayda Sad ibn Abi Wakhas and others by the leadership of Ussama ib zayd his father was martyred in the battle of Muta the land mark was(Ubba) in balqa in Syria near by Muta between Aqalat and Ramla and prophet has said (damn to who ever miss the Army of Ussma) After nomination of Ussama, prophet has get flu while the Army stop in (jourf) around three mils of Madina then the army has been informed about this some of them returned then Ussama brought back the Army, here they disobeyed prophet order after the prophet passing away this plot has been discovered. In this period of sickness he has visited the burial of baghi praying for dead there, and said to Ali that he is about to die his lord has proposed him to remain in this earth or going he has chosen to go, also Quran has been shown to him twice. In this event prophet knew that they are planning to confiscate the succession of Ali that’s why prophet has came out and delivered an speech saying:(O people the battle has been raised up and the sedition is in the way I have never forbidden except what god has forbidden and the vise versa by god you have nothing to complain me) tell me which fire have been lightened after prophet? Except the fire sedition of Offenders and usurpers and oppressors and rogues and..

In the visit of the leader companion of prophet to him he told them give me a pen and a paper to write for you what you will never go astray after it, in hearing this the guy knew what prophet will do after all places that prophet has revealed his intention to make Ali his successor, such as the day of ghadir the hadith of thiaqalayn…the gay rises his voice saying the guy(prophet) is out of his mind. This is the second time to disobey the order of prophet. Ibn abbas use to say O Thursday! The biggest catastrophe that has been occurred in Islam buhari: 1,14 Musnad Ahmad:1,325

Prophet has been present in the last Friday pray and delivered an speech saying: retaliation in this life is better for me that one in here after who has something to get from me come and take it.someone named sawada raise up and said: you ow me something you hit me in my stomach when you have came back from Taif, then prophet show up his stomach then sawda started to kiss it and his chest then prophet has made pray for him

The day of Monday all Madina was in trouble the family of the prophet was around him Zahra was crying repeating the song of Abutalib for Mouhammad

  saying O white face which we ask rain by it   the father of the orphans and protector of the widows

with this poems prophet has opened his eyes asking to read Quran until the verses; (Muhammad is not except a messenger there were before him prophets which have pasted away if he has pasted away or killed will you return back? who ever return back will not harm god nothing ) 

And he has secretly told Fatima something the lady Fatima that he has said to her she is a part of me whoever harm her has harmed me and who ever make her happy has made me happy) then prophet gave recommendation such as pray the prophets recommendation.

Here the soul of prophet has pasted away over the chest of his cousin Ali then Madina become sorrow and sad Ali and the angels occupied his shower and pray and bury in near of his Mosque

Prophet has pasted away in the day of Monday 28th and the light of prophecy is turned off in order to follow the household of prophet peace be up on them