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Declaration of Ayatollah Seyid Adel Alawy against the massacre of the Shia in Nigeria

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

We are for God and to him we will return

To our brothers of Islamic community in Africa, and also to Shia believers of household of Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on them) in Nigeria, specially the Islamic movement and its leader sheikh Ibrahim zakzaki may God extend in his life and his blessing.

God bless your struggle, your efforts in the way of extending the voice of Allah is in his eyes. Do never ever afraid or feel fear, you are winner and higher. the oppressors of household of prophet will face the music, for sure the last belong to the pious, The paradise of tuba belong to the martyrs, and I am prying Good recovery for the injuries, and for the families of the martyrs good endurance and standing fast. The tree of the theism and the master-ship of Ahlu-bayt will be watered by your innocent bloods. Your reward is paradise god willing. (Martyrs) this will be cause of the awakening of all Muslims around the world specially in Africa, in order to know the real reality, which is in the Quran and Ahlul-bayt.

You are a nation which refuse any kind of humiliation, the sons of the leader of Martyrs (Hussein) we reject any kind of tyranny or hegemony, I am calling the Islamic nation to behold the holy Quran and the prophet household, because the complete perfectness is only founded in them.

Today by all meaning we are condemning the tragedy which the Nigerian Army has made against the followers of Ahlul-bayt there without any justification, none benefited from it except Zionists and the bokouharam and Wahhabis and their partisans. Their aim is to put off the light of God and prophet, but that is impossible because God will never let that happen. Know it or not this killing of the follower of Ahlul-bayt will be source of Ahlul-bayt school spreading around the globe.  And the first stone of the building of the government of the last imam.

We are demanding from Nigerian government to release sheikh zakzaki as soon as possible and we are also demanding judgment of the criminals, whom they are responsible of this.

Also we are demanding from all freedom fighters around the world especially in Africa to deny these actions publicly and peacefully. In order to reject any kind of oppression. Know that martyrdom in the sake of God in any kind is our honor.

All praises due to Allah the lord of the universe    

The servant of Allah Ayatollah Seyid Adel Alawy Qum 3th of Rabiu Awwal 1437H