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Magazine of kawthiar33


In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassion

Two essays of Seyid Adel Alawy has been issued first: the Ashura is impossible to be known or attributed. Second: suspicion or question of the eminent Ayatollah Seyid Adel Alawy in the Magazine of kawthiar 33 

The Magazine of kawthiar 33 Muharram has been issued this is the high lines:

Some of prophet attribution

The represent of God

The representation of God is one of the basic of religion

From the advice of the prophet peace be up on him

The martyrdom of Hussein

The struggleman Awissi

Ashura is impossible to be known or attributed

The Commandment in the Quran and sunna

The essentiality of religion and its necessity in the life

Muharram 1437 H