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In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate  

The eminent ayatollah Seyid Adel Alawy is back from his journey of propaganda in Iraq in the first days of Zahra Martyrdom according to the Arbaeen Narration he has heavy package in his suitcase by more than forty Islamic lectures during his fifteen days there beside his special meeting with others this are the lectures:

1-Daily lectures in the mosque of Nahiya Dayr after the pray of subh the Ayatollah delivers lecture about the after pray actions, and a lecture after zuhrayn and exegesis of chapter Annas and lecture of education. After M’agribayn a special and main lecture about lighten in the way of marriage, in six days. Beside a lectures for the youth in the youth caravan of helping Zahra (peace be up on her) in the impotence of organism in the controlling of the general and individual affairs. Also a lecture for a group of youth in the Fajr institute about the youth activities in the cultivation of the nation and the habitants of dayr. Also in the way of dayr into one of Muslim brother house he hold a lecture about the importance of prying up on the prophet and his glory house hold.        

   2-Seyid also has delivered a lecture in Nahiya Attanouma-Basra- in a  seminary school, about the importance and the greatness of struggle according to the point of view of Zahra (peace be up on him).  


3- Five lectures in the Alemarat Al ula meeting and conversation in the Amal radio the second on the Moujahideen Complex and third in the Zahra hawza for women forth in the Men hawza fifth lecture and the opening of the Sadiquayn Mosque.

4- Two lectures in the hall of the leader of believers (peace be up on him) in Najaf Alashraf.   

  5- Two lectures in the hall of Abi Abdallah Alhussein (peace be up on him) in karbala and a lecture in the Imamayn Aljawadayn and meetings with two radios of rawda Al- husseiniya.

6- Two lectures with Kumayl pray in the hall of Imamayn Alkazimayn in kazimyya, and a lecture for authorities of ataba Al kazimiyya.

As the Ayatollah had meeting with the authorities and the secretary general of alawy atabat the eminent Seyid Nazar Hablul Matin with the sectary of the atabat of Karbala and the Eminent Abdul Mahdi Alkarbalaee also the secretary of the kazimyya PhD Dabbagh with the atabat authorities.

 As he has taken part of the funeral of the Martyrs of the popular raising of Iraq against ISIS he also paid a visit to the family of the Martyrs in dayr and other actions such as religion and social one.

Thank god for this opportunity, this humble work will be in the site god will.