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The declaration of Seyid Adel Alawy for the martyrdom of the member of the Popular Mobilization Forces

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

‘‘indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to him we will return’’

In the name of the lord of the Martyrs and the Righteous, all praise due to the lord of the universe, our high and noblest pray due to our glory prophet Mouhammad and his progeny.

To all friends and the honorable Seyid S’ad may his bless last forever. To the martyr families of the Popular Mobilization Forces and our security forces may God bless them all.

God has said in his holy book that: and do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah ”they are dead rather, they are alive, but  you perceive [it]not.(155) and surely we will test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and live and fruits, but give Good tidings to the patient,(156) who, when disaster strikes them, say, ‘‘indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to him we will return’’ Bakara 

Our dear sa’d we present our deep condolence to you for the martyrdom of the shahidul Usrat. I have been informed his martyrdom I ask God for his pardon and may God extend in his level and bestow you patient, this is a real bless that god has given to you as it is written on the community of our prophet and as it is ordered on the believer fighters in the way of Allah as honor to be martyr. As our Imam and grandfather Zaynoul Abideen said (killing us is a common one and the martyrdom for us is a honor, it is not for all but for some of people whom they have great luck, as God used to choose from his servants his noble prophet and custodians and righteous, also Allah use to choose from them also Martyrs and righteous, this are the people whom Go has bestowed prophecy and Imamat and Martyrdom and goodness, doing Good, indeed that is the greatest bless of god, the best friend and companion of them are the guided one, no need to mention that in the our pray we use to seek guidance from God to guide us through the right path those god has bestowed them bless as he said: whoever obey God and his apostle those will be with the ones upon whom Allah has bestowed favor of the prophet, the steadfast, affirm of truth, the righteous. And excellent are those as companion (An-nisa69)   

The martyrs are part of the guided as they are the balance of distinguishing between good and bad right and wrong, we find the best life only from the life in the prophecy with the prophets and in Imamat with the righteous and martyrdom with the martyrs…they are the best companion to the right path of God.   

The martyrdom is part of the greatest bless of Allah the paradise of Touba belong to our honorable Martyrs and their families friends neighbors and to everyone who have relationship with them peace be upon them, they are the lightening suns, and the glowing flambeau, which are lightening the path of the believers, they are the wealth heart which the blood of life comes from it in the community and the population they the mindful the all understanding one the wise which controls the life of the people through the best.      

You the family of the Martyrs may Allah honored you by your Martyrs, therefor you are from the progeny of the prophecy and martyrdom as you are from the martyrs of karbala you have answer the call of God and the leadership of the religion and you have given the prices soul for Islam and Quran and the household of prophet and for the your noble country do not panic neither fear you are the winner, your opponent the hypocrites of ISIS and their colleagues of Wahhabis are the loser, God will full fill the earth with justice and fair after it has been full of injustice           

the servant of God Ayatollah Seyid  Adel Alawy 25th Rabi'u Athiani 1437H