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Martyrdom of Zahra

It is reported that Hazrat Fatimah (S.A) died on the 13th Jamadi-al-Awwal or 3rd of Jumadi-al-Akhir in the 11th year of the Hijrah (migration). She (S.A) survived the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H&H.P) by only ninety-five days.
The Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (A.S) himself took charge of her washing. It is reported that Asma, daughter of Umays assisted him in washing her. Asma related: "Fatimah (S.A) had stated in her will that no one should wash her corpse except ‘Ali (A.S)and I. Thus we washed her together, and the Commander of the Faithful prayed over her along with Hassan (A.S) and Hussain (A.S), Ammar ibn Yasir, Miqdad, Aqil, az-Zubayr, Abu Dharr, Salman, Buraydah and a few men of Banu Hashim. They prayed over her in the night, and in accordance with her own will 'Ali the Commander of the Faithful buried her in secret."
There is much disagreement among traditionalists as to the exact spot of her grave. Our own traditionalists have asserted that she was buried in the Baqi. Others said that she was buried in her own chamber, and that when the Umayyad rulers enlarged the Mosque of Medina, her grave came to be in the sanctuary. Still others argued that she was buried between the grave and pulpit of the Prophet. It is to this that the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) eluded in his saying: "There is between my grave and pulpit a garden of the gardens of Paradise." The first view is unlikely, while the two other views are nearer to the truth. Thus, those who wish to apply the principle of caution (ihtiyat) when performing ziyarah, or pilgrimage, to her grave, should do so in all three places.
source: sibtayn