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I am deprived of my inheritance

Usurpation of Fadak

It is quoted in the book al-Ihtijaj of Shaykh al-Tabarsi from ʿAbdullah b. Hasan who relates from his fore-fathers that when Fatima Zahra (A.S) was informed that Abu Bakr had confiscated Fadak, she put on her veil and cloak, and accompanied by some servants and women of the Bani Hashim, came to the Masjid and facing Abu Bakr and the Muslims who were present, recited a powerful sermon.
"O people! Know that I AM FATIMA and my father is Muhammad. I say and I will repeat this again and again and I do not utter any falsehood, and whatever I do shall not be wrong." - Fatima Zahra
“O Muslims! Is it befitting that I am deprived of my inheritance? O son of Abu Quhafah! Is it contained in the Glorious Qurʾan that one should inherit from their father; while in your opinion; I should not inherit from my father? Indeed you have come with an unusual thing (attributed) upon Allah and His Prophet. Did you then intentionally forsake the Book of Allah and leave it behind your backs? Allah says: And Solomon inherited David; in regards to the life of Zakariyyah, He says: So grant me from yourself an heir who shall inherit from me and inherit from the family of Jacob” - Fatima Zahra (S.A) (Sermon of Fadak) subtatn