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    The holy mosque of Jamkaran

    According to the history of Qom and the composition of Sheikh Fadhil al-Hassan the son of Muhammad the son of Hassan al-Qummi from the book of Munis al-hazeen of knowing the truth and having firm faith, from the writings of Jaafar Muhammad son of babawayh al-qummi, and what he vocalized in the Arabic language.


    In this section; it was mentioned about the construction of the holy mosque of Jamkaran, by the command of Imam al-Mahdi (A).This was a direct command from Imam Mahdi (A) that his mosque should be built. Shaykh al-afeef saleh Hassan son of mithla al-Jamkaran said:

    “I was sleeping in my house, as half the night passed a group of people knocked on my door and awoke me up on the 17th night of the holy month of Ramadan year 339 and said to me : “Get up and answer Imam Mahdi (A) the Imam of our time for he is inviting you”.

    He said:

    “so I woke up got ready and said: wait for me till I put on my shirt: then it is as if I heard someone say: this is the shirt you should wear, then I heard someone say: wear these trousers, then I put them on both and was heading to the door then I went to open the door and then I heard someone say that the door is open. Then when I came to the door, I seen some elderly people so I sent my peaceful greeting/s, then they replied back to me and also gave me a warm welcome. They then took me to the place of the mosque. I noticed something a beautiful cover that was placed on a couch, and some nice pillows were on top of that couch. I noticed a nice young man at the age of 30 years old, and next to him a scholar, who was reading a book, and around him was more than 60 men praying in that special area, some of them were wearing white, while others were wearing green color clothes”.

    That scholar was Prophet Khizr. So he sat me next to him. Then the imam called by my name and said:

    “Go to Hassan the son of Muslim and say to him: indeed you have been building and planting this land for years, and we are the ones who damage it, you have been planting this land for five years and you are still in the same situation planting and building? From here on you do not have permission to return to this situation and you are to return back what you have gained from this land and instead build a mosque and say to hassan son of Muslim that this holy land was chosen by Allah and honored it in comparison to the other lands, and you have made it available for this project. Allah gave you a sign of your heedlessness by taking the lives of your two sons however, you did not wake up from your sleep, and if you do not do this further calamities will befall you in which you will not see it coming your way”.

    Hassan son of mithla said:

    “Oh my master should I not be allowed a sign, because the people will not accept anything without a reason or sign and they will not believe what I am saying”

    Imam (A) replied,

    “we will notify the people so go now and announce our message, and go to Sayed the father of Hassan and say to him: to come and request what he has been receiving from benefits all these years, and to give it to the people so that they are able to build this mosque, and to give back what was subtracted from the produce and burden of work for completing the mosque, and to supply the construction pieces needed to complete the full construction of the mosque. We have stood for half of the burden on this mosque to receive the produce every year, so that it may be used towards the construction of this mosque”.

    Hassan said to the people:

    “Come to this place and make it a place in which you honor it. You should pray 4 rukat as a gesture of you greeting the mosque ; in every rukat you should recite sura al-hamd 1 time, then sura ikhlas 7 times , and in the ruku you should do the tasbeeh 7 times , and in the sijood 7 times tasbeeh. The second prayer should be dedicated to Imam al-Mahdi and it should be recited in this way: start with Sura al-fatiha and when you reach (iyaka nabdu Wa iyaka nastaeen), it should be recited 100 times and then the recitation of the whole sura should be completed. Repeat the same for the second rukat. He should also do the tasbeeh 7 times in his ruku and sijood. After finishing the prayer he should do the tasbeeh of Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (A) and then after finishing the tasbeeh he should go into sijood and recite salawat upon the blessings of Muhammad and his pure progeny. This is not just a story for whoever prays this prayer it is as if he has prayed it in the holy Kaaba (house of God).”

    Hassan ibn mithla said:

    “I said to myself that this maybe a mosque dedicated to Imam al-Mahdi (A) thinking about that young man that was laying on that pillow, then that same young fellow ordered me to leave”.

    As I was leaving to go back I walked a little further and then another person invited me and said : as you go towards Jaafar al-kashani the goat herdsman, if the people of your village gave you the money that is fine and if they do not give you the money then you must get it from your own, and come with the meat to this place, and to sacrifice it the next night and give it on Wednesday the 18th of holy month of Ramadan the meat of that goat to the sick, and whoever has a difficult alignment ,for Allah will cure all of them, and then he gave the description of the goat; it is hairy, it has 7 signs, 3 on the side and 4 on the other side, and black and white spots the size of a dirham.

    Then I left and then a third person came to me and said: you must come to this place for 70 or 7 days and if you only come for 7 then that will be laylatul qadr (the night of power) and that is the 23rd. And if you came for the 70 days then that will fall upon the 5th of dhul qidah, and they are both holy days.

    Hassan ibn mithla said:

    “Then I returned until I reached my home, I stayed up all night thinking until the morning came, and I prayed my morning prayer. Then I came to Ali the son of munthir, and I explained to him my situation, then he came with me until we reached the places that they told me to go to yesterday then he said: I swear that one of the signs that the Imam gave to me was that these stakes and chains will be here in this location.”

    So we went to the Sayed al-shareef the father of al-hassan al-Raza then when we reached to the front door of his house we seen his servant and his sons saying the Sayed the father of al-hassan al-Raza has been waiting for you since the sunrise, are you from Jamkaran? I said : yes, then I entered in his home in that hour , and I said my salaams (greetings) , he kindly sat me down in his home, and began to speak to me before I could say something and said:

    Oh hassan son of mithla I was sleeping then I seen someone saying to me: a man by the name of Hassan mithla from Jamkaran will come tomorrow and you will have to believe what he tells you, and depend on what he says, because what he says is the same as what we say, therefore do not refuse his dialogue, then I fell into a conscious state and was waiting for you as of this moment.

    He broke open the hatch for Hassan ibn mithla and commanded the horses to move forward, then they exited their place of residence and started riding towards the village. When they reached near the village they seen Jaafar the herdsman from afar distance, as they were nearing towards the end of their journey they came across a fenced pathway and behind that fence they noticed the goat, they got off their horses and came towards Jaafar and requested to purchase the goat and give its value to Jaafar. As they were in the process of negotiating to purchase the goat, Jaafar noted that indeed he has not seen this goat before or even recognized it, and even when I noticed it and tried to take it I was not able to do so and did not have the suited circumstances to do so. Therefore take this goat just as the Sayed has ordered, sacrifice it and take it to that place.

    Then came Sayed the father of hassan al-Raza (may Allah be pleased with him) to that place, also in the presence of hassan the son of Muslim and they acquired the missing pieces of construction and came forward with the new pieces and added it to the roofing process until the construction was complete. Sayed the father of al-hassan al-Raza would come with the chains and stakes and left it in his home for the benefit of the diseased and sick so that they may cure themselves by wrapping their bodies and this would cause them to become cured by the will of Allah (swt).

    The father of al-hassan Muhammad Hassan the son of haidar: I heard that Sayed the father of al-hassan was elaborating about a location called musawiyan from the city of Qom. He became sick after the passing away of his son, he then entered his home and opened the chest that contained the chains and stakes and did not find it.

    The narration of the account of the construction of the holy mosque of Jamkaran has been complete. This narration surrounded the unbelievable miracles and its apparent affects that could be seen in the example of a cow that was from the time of bani isreal in the form of a goat from this world.

    The author said:

    “It is not a secret that the author of the history of Qom, he is the scholar Fadhil Hassan the son of Muhammad al-qummi and he was one of the scholars that lived during the time the great narrator of narrations the great scholar known as “al-sadduq” (may Allah be pleased with him). He narrated in that book about his brother Hussain the son of Ali the son of babiwayh (may Allah be please with him) , and the origin of the book was in Arabic however in the year 65 after 800 it was translated to the Persian (Farsi) language .”

    The great scholar al-majlisi in his work of al-Bihar; it is a credible book, however its source has not reached us, and what is in our hands is just a translation of this extra ordinary dialogue, due to the presence of the great scholar al-almaey mirza Muhammad the respected author of the merits of “sadat”, during his time he was living and residing in Isfahan, while he was copying from the Arabic version. Moreover he translated from the great scholar and researcher Muhammad ali al-karmanshani in his commentary work on the subject of “rijal”, in the section of the name of hassan, and mentioned hassan the son of mithla, and also narrated the summary of what was mentioned about the Arabic version, and the outstanding information is that what made it stand out from the original book which consisted of 20 sections.

    Scholar Mirza Abdallah al-isfahani the great specialist, the student of the great scholar al-Majlisi in his book “the season in recognition of the scholars”, in his translation the owner of this history book, he translated the history of Qom, it was a big book, and very beneficial in many volumes.

    However I was not able to find more than 1 volume, and even after doing my research I was only able to find 8 sections.

    However, it was a group of people from the Persian language and then we translated it into the Arabic language to English.

    Ayatollah Syed Adil al-alawy 

    Translated by 

    Mohamed Alnajjar