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Will the ongoing conspiracy in Iraq ever end?


Will the ongoing conspiracy in Iraq ever end?


Peace be upon your dear eminence, may Allah bless you

In regards to this ongoing conspiracy in Iraq with these ongoing demonstrations, what is your opinion on the result of these demonstrations, and will it ever end?



In the name of Allah the beneficent the Merciful,

My dear brother, allow me to explain to you one of the lessons that Allah(SWT) teaches us through his creations, just like it is in the Holy Quran and from the holy traditions, and you will not find far greater lessons from Allah or any distortions or changes. The first lesson that Allah (SWT) teaches us:

Firstly, however your state of being, Allah (SWT) will bring forth people that will treat you the same. Secondly, Allah (SWT) will not change the status of a nation unless they change themselves. Thirdly, the comparison of fertile land that will reap fresh crops is like a good nation that will enable good people to emerge. Fourthly, a land that is unfertile and dirty, cannot grow fresh crops. Fifthly, a slight result can be derived from this introduction. Sixth, therefore whenever the prerequisites have been fulfilled the results of a nation and a government will also become complete. Seventhly, It is because the nation and a government contain the will of the people. Eighth, if it’s good then it’s good if it’s bad then it is corrupt. Ninth, how can a corrupt person demand a positive change while the one demanding should be good himself? Tenth, this example is like the one who is a thief while he is shouting beware of the other thieves. At the end of the day, there is no help or will only from the power of Allah (SWT) the everlasting the great.


Translated: Mohamed al-Najjar