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    English lamentation for the Martrydom of Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (A) 

    In the ziyarat of Ameer al-mumneen we read :

    السلام عليك يا اول المظلومين

    Imam Ali was the first one to be oppressed then it was Fatima al-Zahra (A)

    It was narrated that after her ribs were broken and her baby got killed and she had a miscarriage, with the breaking of the door and her miscarriage,

    One day she said oh abul hassan , oh abul hassan I hear that you send your salaams to the people but they do not reply , then she said that I heard that the people do not respond back to you, those people some of the companions of the prophet they have ignored the imam and not responding back to him,

    The Imam said oh Fatima just know that I am the one to send my salaams to them but they do not reply back to me , imam said I am the one to send my salaams but they don’t answer me ..

    This type of oppression remained between Imam Ali and Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (A), until the last breaths of her life,

    Hazrat Fatima said:

    يا اابن العم

    Oh abul hassan I want to give you one last wish , I only have one last wish , so the imam sat down to listen to her last request,

    Hazrat Zahra said there was not one time in which I said a lie or some falsehood, and I have never disobeyed you in any matter in these 9 years of my life with you, not one day I lied to you, or done anything behind your back or cheated you, I was always truthful with you, in the hard times I was truthful and in your jihad I was truthful,

    يا اابن العم

    Then the Imam said:

    يا امة الله يا بنت رسول الله

    What are you saying you have much more value than that and you are at a much higher position then this?

    Then they both hugged each other and began to cry profusely until the Imam almost passed out,

    Then Hazrat Fatima (A) said oh abul hassan please bear in mind that I do not want anyone to attend my funeral , neither in my burial I want to buried at night so that my grave will be hidden, so that my oppression can remain until the reappearance of my son Imam al-hujjat , Imam al-Mahdi (A) , 

    Oh abu saleh when will your reappearance be when will you come out of your ghaiba

    We want to visit the grave of Hazrat Fatima so please reappear and show us where her grave is

    As Imam Ali was washing the body of Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (as) , and it is only the infallible that Is allowed to wash the body of the other infallible , as he put his hand on the body and he began to cry profusely , fiza was with him and said oh Imam you have requested us not to cry on the body of Hazrat Fatima so that the neighbors may not be able to hear us so how is it that you are crying like this . He said of fiza do not blame me, do not blame me,  because when I was washing the pure body of Hazrat alzahra and when I reached her ribs I found out that her ribs were broken  

    ان كنت لاتدري خبر البسماري سل صدرها خزانة الاسراري

    If you did not receive the news of the nail then ask the chest of zahra the chest of all the secrets

    Usually when the women need help they say ya ali ya ali but this time Hazrat Fatima (A) said

    oh fiza help me help oh fiza help me

    يا فضه ادركيني

    فقد اسقط الرحم احشائي

    يا فاطمه الزهراء يا بنت رسول الله

    يا وجيهة عند الله اشفعي عند الله الهي بحق فاطمه الزهراء وبعليها وبنيها والسر المستودعي فيها وباسمك العظيم الأعظم الأعز الآجل الأكرم يا الله يا الله........ ١٠

    Time to ask for your wishes and your needs

    Syed Adil alawy majlis :

    Translated by : Mohamed al-Najjar