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The status of the health of his eminence Syed Adil alawy ....

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah the most compassionate the most Merciful

All praise be to Allah (swt) as he deserves to be praised, and may the blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his holy progeny. In regards to the unfortunate corona virus that afflicted our dear eminence Ayatollah Syed Adil alawy, in the name of his eminence, we announce that the Syed is in good health and he is in need of your supplications to push away any further afflictions, also his three children were also afflicted with this virus, and they are under the monitor of the doctors, and Allah willing they will be cured of this virus. We ask Allah to remove this virus and remove all afflictions from the Muslim nations as soon as possible.

We thank all the brothers and the sisters that got in touch with us whether it was over the phone or over social media to check on the health of the Syed and his family, and we ask Allah (swt) to give him and his family the best of health and a fast recovery with the blessings of Muhammad (PBUH) and his holy projeny.

His dear eminence Syed Adil alawy thanks your kind divinely emotions and he will also not forget you from his supplications and prayers.

Also his dear eminence recommends this supplication to be repeated in these difficult times.

(حسبنا الله ونعم الوکيل، نعم المولی ونعم النصير)
May Allah complete your days with health and protection

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