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Congratulations on the births of Imam Hussain (A) ,Abul Fadhl al-Abbas, and Imam Zain al-Abdeen (A)

ذكرى مواليد الأنوار المحمدية الثلاث الإمام الحسين ابن علي عليه السلام وأخيه أبي الفضل العباس والإمام زين العابدين عليه السلام

Congratulations on the births of the 3 Muhammadan lights : Imam Hussein (A) son of Ali (A) and his brother Abul fadhl al-Abbas, and Imam Zain al-Abdeen (A)

قال الامام  الحسين عليه السلام:

خرج يوما الي اصحابه فقال :  أيّها الناس ، إنّ الله جلّ ذكره ما خلق العباد إلّا ليعرفوه ، فإذا عرفوه عبدوه ، واستغنوا بعبادته عن عبادة من سواه . فقال له رجل : يا بن رسول الله، ما معرفة الله؟ قال عليه السلام : معرفة أهل كلّ زمان إمامهم الذي عليهم طاعته

Imam Hussein (A) advised his companions saying : Allah the almighty did not create the creations only so that they may know him,so if they knew him they would worship him, and they would worship him only aside from anything else. Then a man asked him , "Oh so of the prophet of Allah : what does it mean to have the marifat of Allah ? Then the Imam replied : "To have the marifat of the Imam of every-time the Imam that it has made obligatory his obedience.