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Ramadan charity drive in the holy month of Ramadan

During this holy month of Ramadan 2020 and with the generous donations of the 

brothers and sisters from the UK and around the globe we were able to make 200 food packages that were distributed to the needy families in the holy city of Qom, Iran. We would like to thank you for your donations, and encourage you to continue to do so throughout this holy month many rewards await the believers who wish to join us on this service to humanity.

مؤسسة الإحسان الخيرية

التابعة لمجمع التبليغ والإرشاد 
برعاية سماحة السيد عادل العلوي

في شهر رمضان عام 1441 الهجري - قم المقدسة

For more more information on how to donate please call : 

يمکن للمتبرعين والخيرين، الإتصال بالرقم التالي عبر برنامج واتس اب أو تلغرام:
بإسم السيد محمد العلوي

مکتب سماحة السيد العلوي