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Ramadan 13th Presentation on al-Naeem tv during the holy nights of Ramadan

الحلقة الثالثة عشر من برنامج نور الضيافة ــ الضيافة الالهية


Ramadan 13th Presentation


Like a rain that comes down during the summer and removes the dust or the sand from the earth, plants and trees preparing the season for the fall.

Another meaning: hard rock from the intensity of the heat of the sun.

Then this meaning was transferred to month that is called Ramadan because in the past when the months were named in its names that were known and popular like Muharram, Ramadan ,  Rajab, Shaaban , it was because what was convenient at that time .

This month fell into the hot intense days therefore it was named the month of Ramadan.

It is narrated that the month of Ramadan fell into the hottest days.

Ramathat al –ghanam is in the hottest time under the sun so their livers exploded.

Ad he walked on the ramtha and it was the rock that the intensity of the sun fell upon it, so it became hot.

رمضان مصدر كالحيوان

رمضان اسم من الشهر ومنع من الصرف

It was named Ramadan and was used because of its purity, the body, fast and you will be healthy

صوموا تصحوا

Based on a narration from the holy Prophet (pbuh) he said: “it was named ramadan because it burns the sins and as a result removes the sins.

Here there is a known saying about Ramadan is a name from the names of Allah (SWT) and this is what was mentioned in the holy narrations is the idea that says Ramadan has come Ramadan has left, he must pay a kafara , and it is as if he has committed a minor sin of course and should pay a kaffara some money or a meal of food.

Allama tabatabai: when he came to this matter, he questions the hadith for the weakness of its sanad, and also its source, the idea that there is no place in the duas and jawshan al-kabeer or Quran that Ramadan is from the names of Allah (SWT).

In addition to that the holy prophet (PBUH) and the holy ahlulbayt used the word Ramadan without mentioning the word month.

Maybe it was used by the narrators and that was a matter that is far away from this matter. However there is no fault in using the word month next to Ramada if the real meaning is understood.

Ramadan or the month of Ramadan has many meanings.

Ramadan has many meanings that have been taken out of the holy Quran and the holy traditions, I have recorded 40 names from the month of Ramadan ad every name from the month of Ramadan from behind it is a vault the knowledge ( ilm) and insight (mareefa).

الاسم يدل على المسمى

From the names of Allah from the names of Ramadan;

-شهر الله-شهر الله الاكبر-شهر الامه-شهر الضيافه الاهيه - نزول القران-

الربيع القران-ربيع الفقراء-المومنين-الصوم-الصيام-المسلمين-التطهير من الذنوب والرذایل

شهر الورع عن محارم الله


الصلاه –العباده-العتق من النار-الفوز بالجنه – الصبر –المساوات بین الغنی والفقیر

العدل والعداله الاجتماعیه – شهر التربیه والتعلیم

التزکیه – البرکه – الرحمه – المغفره

التوبه – الانابه الی الله – شهر الاستغفار – الدعاء والمناجات – الطاعه – المبارک – الفضیل – الکریم – الکبیر – سید الشهور –غره الشهور – زیاده الرزق –عید اولیاء الله – المسارعه والسباق الی الجنه – صحه الاجسام –

This is also a point in which is connected to the holy month of Ramadan, however we will get into the main point of the subject:

Our dear scholars have mentioned: also taken from the holy Quran and the holy traditions, that Ramadan is based on specific qualities and attributes, just like characteristics come from the holy Quran, some characteristics from the holy traditions, characteristics of Hazrat Fatima (A), Imam Hussein (A), all of them and who ever had a personality in regards to the planets therefore they will become distinguished by their characteristics away from the others.

The month of Ramadan Allah has distinguished it with specific characteristics.

I will remind you of 2 characteristics:

1.       Month of Ramadan was made the beginning of the year for the sincere (awliya) of Allah, in their worship, ختومات, also with the idea of the angels of the skies, والدبرات امرا, therefore the beginning of the year for them is the holy month of Ramadan. In some of the narrations it is the night of Qadr, and in some of the narrations it is the night of Eid, this is all correct looking at it from the different perspectives. For example the Christians in the beginning of the year they have the birth of Prophet Jesus (PBUH).  With the Muslims the begging of the year is the migration of the prophet (PBUH). The beginning of the year for every nation is similar for their calculations for their appointments, for the situations that happen, this is something that is (badehi) known amongst the people, and the same reason for Allah in his creation in the beginning of the year in contemplating his creations he is the (modabir) the one who fashions it.

  The holy prophet said in regards to the greatness of the month of Ramadan:

لو یعلم العباد ما فی شهر رمضان لو تمنت رمضان تکون سنه