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  • Peace be upon you oh Imam Hussain (A)

    Peace be upon you oh Imam Hussain (A)

    We salute the grandson of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to the oppressed holy infallibles more specifically the Imam of our time Imam al-Mahdi (A) .

    Whoever performs the actions of holding sessions of mourning for Imam Hussain (A) with ignorance and selfish desires , for indeed he breaks the back of the Imam with his ignorance , and the back of the eternal revolution of Imam Hussain (A) , and also breaks the foundation of justice within humanity and the world with ignorance and misguidance. Moreover , the Islamic nation is the best kind of nation that was sent to mankind , and the seal of all prophets and messengers Muhammad (PBUH) , for he sent him with with guidance and truth , and to reveal the Islamic faith in the personification of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to show the meaning of the Islamic faith through his actions. Thereafter an awaited Imam (A) from the holy progeny of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who is the seal of the successors of the previous prophets and holy infallibles , who will fill the earth with peace and justice just as it is now filled with tyranny and oppression.

    His eminence Syed Adil alawy.