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    Why did the holy Quran descend in the Arabic language?Does that mean that that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is only for the Arabs? Or that the prophet was sent as a prophet for all of mankind? This is a question, because those who are not Arab, it is from their right that they ask such a question. 

    Some may say that your prophet is an Arab therefore he was sent only to the Arabs, and not to the Romanians, Europeans and what is associated with those areas, so how should we Answer?

    Firstly, Allah spoke with the Arabic language in his last book concerning the Arabic language that it is considered one of the most eloquent languages and what is a known fact. We have almost 1000 languages in the world as of today. Even though the origin of these languages are from only 70 languages. However the most eloquent of these languages is the Arabic language in its depth.  Another point about the Arabic language is that it does not include any repetitive word, meaning that the Arabs in every situation have placed a name for everything in this world.

    For example, when the rain descends, if it descended from the beginning it has its name, if the rain began to descend more it has another name, if it came down with the wind then it would have another name, if it came down with snow then it would have another name, therefore you see that there is twenty different kinds of situations and in each and every situation there is a different name. These specific names for these situations is a proof of the preciseness of the Arabic language.

    Or this container that you drink water with, they divide this container into 12 divisions. If there is a tenth of this water missing from the container then it has a specific name, if there is an eighth of this water missing then it has a different name, and if it had a third left it would have a different name until it would only contain one tenth of water in this container it would also have a different name. Moreover, you find in the Arabic language they have divided this water container into 12 divisions. Therefore you find that the Arabs have not left anything without a label or name. It is also said that one of the most sacred languages is the Arabic language.

    Also the holy Quran is one of the holiest books, and that it descended with one of the holiest angels and that is Gabriel, and that it descended in the holiest of places and that is the holy city of Mecca, and that it descended in the holiest month and that is Ramadan. Therefore all the sides became complete and that is that the Quran descended with the most eloquent of languages, and upon the heart of the best of creations and that is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    The second question is why is the Arabic language the language used in the holy Quran? It is because in the holy traditions the language in heaven is the Arabic language. Why the Arabic language? Because the prophet was an Arab, and that the people at that time were unable to attend to the challenge of the holy Quran into trying to create one verse of the Quran, therefore for that reason Allah (SWT) made that language descend upon that nation.

    Also there are those who used to accuse the prophet that he was a foreigner, also for that reason Allah (SWT) made the Quran descend in the Arabic language. 

    Just because the language of the Quran was in Arabic it does not mean it descended only addressing the Arabs, because the Muslims believed in Prophet Musa (A) and his book of Torah while the language of the Torah was in Hebrew, and they believed in it, and for this reason they believed in the holy Quran as it is in Arabic. There is no difference in Iman and their other books, even if the language was in Arabic or in a different language.

    In conclusion, a language is a tool and its goal is its meanings, and this does not only cover one type of people rather is covers all of humanity. There is no universal language that all of humanity can understand, the only language that is universal is the mute, however there is no way that the holy Quran can descend in a mute language. Therefore it is not possible only that the holy Quran could descend in the language of the prophet of that nation, and knowing that the nation of the prophet of Islam were Arabs , for this reason the holy Quran descended in Arabic .

    Translated by: Mohamed alnajjar

    Ayatollah Syed Adil alawy