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  • This worldly life is like a market

    This worldly life is like a market, that one said it is an ocean…some won in this world and some of them lost their afterlife, this world is like a market .You go into the market and you see somebody that is happy you ask what’s up man what’s going on? He says you know what a very good buyer came to me today, and the owner gained what he gained.

    However, you go to another owner and you see him looking into the sky, then you come and you ask this person: “what’s up hajji what’s going on “, “he replies and he says you know what today it has been such a slow day that I did not even see one fly come in “. “ I am not feeling well I feel like I lost today”.Therefore this world is like a market, and there are some who won and some who lost in their afterlife.

    Today I want to compare this world to something else, and that is this world is like a school.This world is like a school, what does this school have?This school has classes, it has a principal, it has a teacher, it has exams, it has passing and it has failing, it has the one who has passed and the one that has failed.You have someone who is repeating a few classes, and someone who is repeating a few classes, isn’t it this way?

    All of us in this world are this way, all of us…, men and women, all of us are in the phase of studying.  The school has different kinds of lessons some are theoretical and some are practical,Sometimes he takes you to the lab, sometimes he tells you to take the book and read in the class

    اقرا كتابك كفى بىيومك حسيبا

    Sometimes he tells you to come to the lab come and see what we are doing today, come and see what you are going to learn today.Therefore this world is the place of knowledge and work, it is a school that is based on theoretical and practical knowledge.

    This school has classes, one is a class that deals with the acts of worship and another class deals with general transactions, we can say that it has branches.A branch in the acts of worship, a branch in general transactions, each branch has classes.

    A class in praying, a class in fasting, a class in hajj, everyone has different classes.Issues that include farming, agriculture, importing and exporting, we have about 150 books about Fiqh (jurisprudence).10 of them are Ibadat (issues pertaining to acts of worship) and the rest are about the different types of transactions.

    We are now in the phase of taking a class, now this class … Every one of us we first study, then at the end of the year we take exams.

    The holy Quran says: “ And we will try you” meaning “we will test you” in surah al-baqara verse 154.

    We will test you to see which one of you is the best in his studies, which one is the best at his work, which one of you has passed.When they come to the grades and the certification of completion of studies, there are three stages involved.

    For example, the grading in Iraq is 100 from 100, however they say that the grades are three, either it is good this is if the person was passing, the one that has failed, lazy, and who has failed his classes, we have nothing to do with him, we are focusing here on the passing ones, the one that has passed his class.

    It tells you that the passing one has three different type of grading scales, either they are good, or they can be very good, they may write good, or very good, or excellent.This comparison is there in Fiqh (Jurisprudence) in the acts of worship.  From the acts of worship, there are some acts that are good, some acts that are very good, some of them are excellent.

    I am fasting inshallah, all of us are from the fasting ones, however at the end of the month, when they give us the results.You see someone that is fasting good they got 60%, you see another who has fasted they got 80-90%, and another who has fasted who got an excellent grade 100%. 

    Translated by: Mohamed alnajjar

    Syed Adl alawy