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[ 27 March 2015 ]

Kawthiar newspaper has edited and published its 31 edition

First of Zumada al-Ula 1436 H Kawthiar newspaper has edited its 31st edition, some of headlines ... Read more

[ 27 March 2015 ]

The kazemein monthly newspaper has edited and published its 190-191 numbers.

Third of Zumada al-Ula H the kazemein monthly newspaper has edited its 190-191 numbers, the principal headlines ... Read more

[ 25 March 2015 ]

seyid Adel Alawy recording series about part of knowing the infallibles in the Al-maarif channel

seyid Adel Alawy recording series about part of knowing the infallibles in the Al-maarif channel

In the name of god the the merciful the most gracious

The eminent seyid have has recorded in the month of jumada al-ula 1436H series about about part of knowing the infallible Imams in Al- Maarif TV channel three series about the prophet and six about the leader of believers Ali (PBUH) and three about Lady Fatima zahra(PBUH) and three about Imam Hassan(PBUH) and five about Imam Hussein(PBUH). after that anyone of Imams will has three series in their occasion either in their births or death days, will be in the site after the broadcasting

from god we seek success ... Read more

[ 23 March 2015 ]

Martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra (SA) [Poem]

Smoke and the winds bear the brunt;

Whose house it is that is burnt ذ?

Flames rise towards the sky. ... Read more

[ 22 March 2015 ]

Fatima's (SA) Modesty and Spending in The Path of Allah

Fatima's (SA) Modesty and Spending in The Path of Allah
Fatima was known to be very modest and humble. Because as man's desire of the Hereafter increases, his worldly lusts decrease; and when someone realizes the greatness and seriousness of the Day of Judgement, the worldly life becomes of little value to him. Besides, as man's reasoning and ability advances, his desire for lusts greatly decreases.
Have you not seen that children play, have fun, become sad and fight over worthless objects; but as they grow up and their senses mature, they refrain from such actions because they consider them to be degrading to their personalities and contradicting to the rules of observing dignified conduct ... Read more

[ 20 March 2015 ]

Secret from the secrets of Fatima Zahra by: Ayatollah Sayid Adel al alawy (may god keep him in safe)

Thanks due to God who created the heavens and the earths, who he knows invisible and visible, pray and salutation due to the holiest creature of god the prophet Muhammad and his infallible household. My god make me to say by righteousness and put in my inner piety: a divine and repeated hadith has been narrated from two groups (Shia and sunna) that the prophet Muhammad who never say by his own desire and will, he only speaks by divine revelation, he had said that: ((o’ Fatima for sure god will be angry by your angry and he will be happy by your happiness)). And he said: ((For sure god is content by the contentment of Fatima and he is angry by her angry and sadness)) ... Read more

[ 16 March 2015 ]

Biography of Hazrat Fatema (SA)

The great lady, Hazart Fatemeh Zahra (S.A) was the dear daughter of the Prophet, Mohammad (S.W). Some Shiite scholars believed that she was born on 20th of Jamadi-ul-Sani, 5 th A.H. But the majority of Sonnah research scholars declared that her birth had happened 5 years before Be’sat (Prophet’s a postleship). By the God’s will, prophet (S.W) named her “FATEMA”. She also had some other appellations like: Zahra, Batool, Tahera, Raziya, Maryam Kobra, and Sedigha. ... Read more

[ 10 March 2015 ]

A Quiet Funeral

In the darkness of the jet-black night, when eyes were asleep and voices were silent, a Heavenly procession left Ali's house while carrying the Messenger of Allah's daughter to her final abode. ... Read more

[ 8 March 2015 ]

Lessons from the Will of Lady Fatima (SA) to Imam Ali (AS)

Lessons from the Will of Lady Fatima (SA) to Imam Ali (AS)

h-zahra01-sBefore Lady Fatima (peace be upon her) departed from this world, she asked Imam Ali (peace be upon him) to execute her will, in which lie many lessons and treasures of knowledge for us which we can all benefit from. ... Read more