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[ 17 April 2014 ]

Congratulations ! On the Birth Anniversary of Lady Fatima (s.a.)

20th of Jamadi-Althaani is the auspicious birth anniversary of Lady Fatima Az-Zahra (s.a) -- the only daughter of Rasoulollah (pbuh). Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: "Verily my daughter Fatima is the leader of the women of the worlds." ... Read more

[ 4 February 2014 ]

Fatimah Zahra

Fatimah: born c. 605 or 615 – died 633) was a daughter of prophet Muhammad and Khadijah, wife of Aliand mother of Hasan and Hussein, and one of the five members of Ahl al-Bayt She became the object of great veneration by all Muslims, because she lived closest to her father and supported him in his difficulties, because of the historical importance of her husband and her two sons, and because she is the only member of Prophet Muhammad's family that gave him descendants, numerously spread through the Islamic world. ... Read more

[ 3 February 2014 ]

Short Biography of Hadrat Fatima Masoumah

The name of this divine lady was Fatima and her nickname was Masoumah. Her father was Imam Musa al-Kazim (A.S.), the seventh Imam of the Shi'ites and her mother was named Najma Khatun who was also the mother of Imam Reza (A.S.), the eighth Shi'ite Imam. ... Read more