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[ 23 June 2015 ]

congratulation for the holy month of ramadan

God says in his holy book: ( holy month of Ramadan which God has send down the holy book of Quran a guide for all human being) ... Read more

[ 1 June 2015 ]

The Birthday of Imam Mohammad al-Mahdi (AS)

The hidden Imam who is expected to return
“The world will not come to an end,” said the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “ until a man from my family (Ahlulbayt) and of my name shall be master of the world, When you see a green ensign coming from the direction of Khorasan, then join them, for the Imam of God will be with the standards who will be called al-Mahdi.” ... Read more

[ 15 May 2015 ]

Me'raj - The Heavenly Ascension

The darkness of night had spread in the horizon and silence reigned over the face of nature. The time had arrived when the living creatures take rest and sleep so that they might recuperate for their activities on the following day. ... Read more

[ 15 May 2015 ]

Holy Prophet's (p.b.u.h) appointment to Prophetic Mission

It was a man from among themselves who was to lift the humanity from their slough of ignorance and depravity into the light of faith and devotion to one God.
When Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was 38 years of age, he spent most of his time in meditation and solitude. The cave of the mount Hira was his favorite place. It is there that he used to retire with food and water and spend days and weeks in remembrance of Allah. Nobody was allowed to go there except Khadijah and 'Ali. ... Read more

[ 11 May 2015 ]

Martyrdom of Mûsâ ibn Ja‘far al-Kâdhim

Mûsâ ibn Ja‘far al-Kâdhim, also called Abul Hasan, Abu Abd Allah, Abu Ibrahim, and al-Kadhim (the forbearing), was the seventh Shiite Imam after his father Ja'far al-Sadiq. He is regarded by Sunnis as a renowned scholar, and was a contemporary of the Abbasid caliphs Al-Mansur, Al-Hadi, Al-Mahdi and Harun al-Rashid.

He experienced persecution at the hands of the Caliphs, and was imprisoned several times, finally dying in Baghdad in the Sindi ibn Shahak prison through poisoning. ... Read more

[ 3 May 2015 ]

Lady Zeinab martyrdom

Laydy Zainab (A.S.) was born in the holy city of Madina on 5th Jamadi-ul-Awwal in the 5th year of migration /627 A.D. ... Read more

[ 1 May 2015 ]

Birthday Anniversary of Imam Ali (peace be up on him

Name: Ali
Title: al-Murtada
Agnomen: Abu ' l-Hasan
Father's name: Abu Talib ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib
Mother's name: Fatimah bint Asad
Birth: In the Holy Ka'bah in Mecca on Friday, 13th Rajab 23 BH
Death: Died at the age of 63, in Kufah (Iraq) on Monday, 21st Ramadan 40 AH; murdered by an assassin who mortally wounded him with a poisoned sword in the mosque of Kufah during the morning prayer on 19th Ramadan; buried in an-Najaf al-Ashraf ... Read more

[ 27 April 2015 ]

Birthday Anniversary of Imam Muhammad al-Jawad (AS)

Imam Jawad - Symbol of Prophet's Affability
The life span of Imam Muhammad Taqi Al-Jawwad, peace be on him, was shorter than that of his predecessors as well as his successors. He became imam when he was eight years old and was poisoned at the age of 25. ... Read more

[ 21 April 2015 ]

Imam al-Hadi (AS)’s Martyrdom

The Tenth Holy Imam Ali AI-Hadi (AS) the son of the Imam Mohammad AI-Jawad(AS) and Al-Sayyidah Samanah. ... Read more

[ 1 April 2015 ]

The eminent seyid is back from his propaganda journey in Nahiya al- Dayr Basra- IRAQ

The eminent seyid is back from his propaganda journey in hahiya al- dayr basra- IRAQ bringing with him in the suitcase his guidance work in the days of Fatima and her martyrdom: in Arbaeen Naration ... Read more