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Cultural activities and social projects

His name and lineage

His name and lineage:

Praise due to God who gives life and death, peace be upon the noblest God's creation, master of the prophets and messengers Muhammad and his glory family, permanent curses due to all of their enemies from now to the Day of Judgment.

The life of the great thinkers and geniuses, is considerate as school of literature and culture and continuous Jihad and relentless struggle. they have marked by their good conducts and  good pursuit and their arduous behavior coolest successful work lessons, And made from the days of their lives glowing torches and candles illuminated in the gate of success and serving people, and reached the summit in the pride and honor to their country and their community, They have made self-scarify, and denied themselves rest, easiness, and keep awake nights for their beliefs and principles that why they get knowledge epics of the most beautiful championship sacrifice and redemption.
There is some of scholars write about their scientific and practical life from the beginning and until the days of their famous, some of them their life have been written by others, especially after their past away and their lost and the need for their presence among the masses and people, after their awareness and level in Irfan( mystic), But written down their lives and their biography and history record of hardships and difficulties, and problems and deprivation, destitution and poverty, hostility and hatred, envy, and the loss of rights, and so on. who writes a believer life after his death has gave him life back, and give thanks for their service and their struggle, and to be a glimmer of hope, and then flash Activity vital rays in the hearts of the country's youth and future generations, and a revival of their name, and fixing their statute forever.
When I took pen and paper to deposit lines on the paper issue of my life, sweat of shame falls down from my forehead, then I ask myself: Hey who are you writing about your life? What do you submitted to the nations and religions ,humanitarian community of sticks of intellect, Science, Culture, and even social services and charity projects?!  In order to show proud to people, then I abandoned writing for long time, But I have been often asked by students about the conduct of studies in seminaries, especially textbooks, in order to know the curriculum of hawza, I have written before about the glimpses into seminaries landmarks, particularly the hawza of Qom. Finally, some of the author, biographer and some institutions and newspapers ask for my biography, I thought to answer them  through a brief word, and an short message, thanks for their virtues, and in recognition of their efforts,  who do not thank the creature do not thank the Creator, that the pool of science to maximize the professor, and there are three parents: a father who is your real father, and father of your wife and your professor which is the best one. It must be the righteousness of the parents and not cutting relationship with them, and we take opportunity to provide services for them, Even if it is small as mentioning their names, it is this sense I took an opportunity to remind my great teachers- god bless the death and saves the living- hoping to do my little portion of their bold right, I say part of the meaning, of thanking them for scientific and care.
And I give these pages of my life seminary, and compromise only God Almighty
I see life as bold book, its days are pages, and its hours are lines, and its seconds are words, and moments are characters, and its  alphabets joys and sorrows, and its lines are forms and colors, and its pages are pleasure and sorrows, blessed are those who understand life, and understand his philosophy, and follows the path of goodness and successes, and ways to survive , and paved the way and way beyond death and guided to the right path, and provide fine intake, for sure the best provision is faith and piety, and knowledge and good work and good morals.
Al-Alawy ratios
The poor to the mercy of his lord slave Adel
1. Son  of Ayatollah Sayed Ali Alawy
2. Son of Sayed. Hussein
3. Son of Marz
4. Son of Abi Al-Qasim
5. Son of Abd Al-Razzaq
6. Son of Jalal
7. Son of Kamal
8. Son of Jamal
9. Son of Al-Sherif Shamsuddin Ali Murtada, Nagheeb Kashan,his grave is known as a holy shrine.
10. Son of  Fakhruddin
11. Son of Saad Eddin
12. Son of Murtadha
13. Son of  Fakhr al-Din Mohammad
14. Son of Emir
15. Son of  Imad Eddin
16. Son  of Moinuddin
17. Son of Shamsuddin
18. Son of Emir
19. Son of Shams al-Din, the owner of many compositions, his great name mentioned  in Hadaehul albab book (Gardens kernels)
20. Ben Aladdin Murtada Al-Naqib.
21. Son of Abi Al-Qasim Ali Aladdin Ali Annaheeb, he is a jurisprudence specialist  and theology he performed ritual hajj in 532 H
22. Son of king the sadat sadru Al- kabir President al-Anwar Sadr Al-Athar Mr. Izz al-Din Yahya, martyr buried in Tehran known as Imam Yahya Zadeh, whom wrapped Allamat Sheikh Mntajab Din son of Babawayhi Afahrast by his order published it by his name.
23. Son of Abi Fazl  Mohammed, his mother is daughter Singer Ben Malikshah
24. Son of Abi al-Qasim Fakhruddin Ali, the captain, of reyy and qum, his mother is daughter of Prince nizam king Hassan son of Ishaq.
25. Son of Izz al-Islam Sharaf Al-Din  zeel fahr Muhammad Naqib 
26. Son of Abi Al-Hasan Zaki Al mutahar, and his mother, sayyidat. Sakina daughter of  Hussein son of  Mohammed son of Ali son of Al-Qasim son of  Abdullah son of Imam Musa son of Ja'far (peace be upon him) (and here ratios be as mother Mousavi)
27. Son of Abi Hassan Ali  azzakki  the mentioned in the umdatu at-attalib
28. Son of Abi Al-Fadl Muhammad well known of Sultan Mohammed Sharif, and his grave is known a shrine in the town of Qom in tiahar Mardan Road.
29. Ali son of Abi Al-Qasim Al-Naqib
30. Son of Abi Ja'far Muhammad Naqib
31. Son of Abi Al-Qasim Hamza Al -Akbar Al-Qummi , buried in the spot infallible lady Fatima daughter of Imam Musa son of Ja'far (peace be upon them)  and his mother and mother of his brother Mohammed is Rokhaya  daughter of Ja'far son of  Muhammad son of Ismail son of Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) and here is the proportions as the mother be Sadeghi
32. Son of Ahmed Rook, or dugh 
33. Son of Abi Ja'far Muhammad al Akbar, his mother and his brother  Mother Al-Hussein is  Zainab Al Aaraj Obaidullah son of  Al-Hussein Al-Asghar  son of  Imam the leader of worshiper (peace be upon him).
34. Son of Sharif Ismail Adeebaj, his mother, Umm Salamah daughter of  Imam Baqir (peace be upon him) and here the descent as the mother Bagheri
35. Son of Muhammad Akbar, famous in hadith narrator in Al-erquet.
36. Son of Abdullah Albahir , titled by  this title by his beauty, and he was the responsible of  the ALMS of his grandparents prophet and the leader of  faithful Ali (peace be upon them), his mother and mother of his brother Imam Baqir is Fatima daughter of  Imam Abu Muhammad Al-Hasan Mujtaba (peace be upon him) (and here the ratios as mother Hosni, and as the father Hosseini)
37. son of Imam the leader of  worshipers  Zine El Abidine Ali
38. Son of the master of martyrs Imam Hussein (peace be upon him
39. son of Asadullah leader Ali son of Abi Talib (peace be upon them)
Praise due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds