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His Birth

In the  Name God the Merciful the Compassionate  

His Birth

God has bestowed me the existence and I was in his knowledge during a determine time. I have put my feet on the land of life in this world in sixth of Ramadan 1385 H  between the two rising, in the city of holy kazemeyya between two Imams of kazemein Musa son of Jaffar Al Kazem and Muhammad son of Ali Al Jawad (peace be upon them) hands of maternity, paternity, Valentines have Grabbed me, I am the first boy after two girls and a boy named Aziz he has past away, god makes him as an Asset for his parents. And Embrace me a compassionate mother, daughter of Seyid Al Husseiny Annajafi he is a virtue man known as Seyid of Najaf Al Ashraf. She has stayed awake nights and endures the bitterness of life and poverty for the happiness and success of her children, she has reserved for me- particularly- a profound and deep love. My father Seyid Ali son of Hussein Alawy also was the same as my mother was to me, God bless them all. And give them the best gift and best praise and make them happy in the two worlds, and make me in their services since they are alive and after their death. God bless them as they have raised me when I was little, reward them by their good doing kindness, and by their mistake forgiveness. 

In my childhood I had beautiful memories, I feel the best time of my life  is my childhood since it bears a lot of candor infallibility holiness, as child use to be.I remember when I was three, my aunt brought me to a visit of the two kazem Imams (peace be up on them) we were in (fuduh suyuh), when we have been through the holy shrine near the Shop, I have taken out my pocket a Pubes of the Iraqi kingdom money to buy what  child use to buy, then my aunt said: this is no longer useful, then she gave me (five fulus) buy what you want to buy these money is out of use (that was period of the first time of Abdul Karim Khasim revolution July 14th 1958) One day children were playing soccer in Mahalla field and I was a Spectator, the ball came to me and hit by my stomach I fall down by shouting of the strong pain.  

the objective of this narration is to go through my education process, It is good to narrate some events in my youth time and what happened in my Adolescence time, and I will say pages of my experience and my social life, what happen in my friendship neighboring marriage, from the happy or unhappy one, I will say short part of my study process. 

In my sixth, period which my father was jailed in the arrogant Abdul karim khasim jail for a public Poem which he had delivered in the holy shrine of Imam kazem against the arrogant dynasty and the over deterioration in the city, specially what he has done: bringing the Japanese danseuse girls in the seventh night of Muharram Al haram. we have joined my brother seyid Ahmad he was younger than me approximately one year and few months the Iranian school in kazemyya that time we hold the Iranian temporary nationality for a specific period. before we finish the fourth class the case of(the problem of Al halisiya) which history of Al kazemeyya has written, that in the both sides there were murdered (the group of Alhalisee and tameemy) that time the eminent father was  leader of Alhashimi group pray and teacher and the speaker of the eminent Ayatollah Sayid Ismail Sadr(blessing of god due to them) and at the end they exiled to Najaful Asraf, and we live  in a house in front of Ahund school in Mahalla (Alhaweesh). Then we have attended the fifth class in Alawy Iranian School, as I have start in 1387 with my brother by the accord of our father to take religion courses, we study the book Nahwu wadih book 1 in the first time with seyid Husein Sadr son of seyid Ismail Sadr, he was teaching in my father's place. We were studying in the house of Saeed the Martyr Muhammad Bakir Sadr (god bless him) and by God willing I have started my study of Hawza in Najaf Al Ashraf in the house of knowledge and Mastership and Martyrdom.

After ninth month of our residence in Anajaf Al Ashraf Ayatollah Aluzma seyid Mohsen Hakim ordered my father to represent him in Al Ubidiya in the new Baghdad, my Father accepts this proposition, and leads the group pray in the Ubaydy Mosque and set up theology school there, a lot of students joined the school, after that my father constructed a mosque in the center of the city by the name of (Alawy mosque) by honor my brother and I join that class and we have become part of his students, my brother and I  have restarted Nahwul wadih books (1-2) until 7. That time was Adolescent time, before I finish the primary level I have become officially adult according to the Islamic laws and rules, first day of my sixteenth was in sixth of Ramadan 1391 H exactly that was the time which my father crone me the bless turban (Amama) in a great ceremony in  Alawy mosque, he invites seyid Huee to pray for me success, that pray has a huge effect in my life study.

I do not forget when I was around twelve or thirteen my father brought me to visit   Imam Hussein the leader of the martyrs in karbala (peace be upon him) as I hear from him that praying under his precious dome will be accepted, near the tomb of Imam I have risen my hands and say: God make me a savant without understanding the real meaning of this pray. That was only from part of the father inspirations and education. As I remember when I was teen my father told me Avicenna was genuine in all knowledge and wrote on them. he has writes the cannon book by eleven, one day my uncle Seyid Reza ask me: what do you want to be in future? As you know this is a typical question which used to ask to the children my answer was: I want to be like Avicenna. This inner meaning in my inside it look likes that was my cause of writing in different field of knowledge.

This and things like this are the result of good education of father (god bless him) my biggest success was from obeying parents and their prays especially my mother. I remember one day tears of love and passion was falling down from my father eyes by praying success for me.  my mother by a story, she wrote to the last Imam a letter- narrated in Mafatihul jinan book by sheikh Qummi, that was when I was young and starting hawza study, she was asking Imam of Age success for me. After I wear turban my father told me to give lecture in that night. I started to teach the practice letter (Ressalat Al Amaliya) for the public. Now I understand the aim and the goal of my father from that, which was training me for the ability of giving speeches and teaching too. God bless him and reward him the best one and resurrect him with his masters the purest.

After the problem of exiling believer to Iran, the Baathist have deported thousands of Iranian Shia resident in Iraq especially whom were in the holy shrines even who he was born or his father and grandfather too were born In Iraq, we were part of that group, saying goodbye to the oppressed Iraq leaving friends with falling tears when the hearts were burning by the fire of separation.

Sooner we have been the guest of  Qom the nest of prophet household (peace be up onthem)  the best place and blessed one, near the lady Fatima Al m’ssuma daughter Imam Moussa son of jafarr (peace be up on them) whom everyone who visit her by knowing her right  will own paradise –narrated in the true narration- my brother and I registered in the Golpaygani school, by the leadership of Al Alama Seyid Ahmad Husseini Al Qummi, after six years I have graduated from that school with some students, we were about seven hundred seminary students, most of them leave the school from the fourth class or fifth, because of the difficulty of the lesson and matter of the program at time but I endure it, thanks god as much as he deserve.

 I left my house and live in the school of Assittiya my room was near to (baytu an nur) the Fatima masuma room(peace be upon him) where she was adoring her lord after her stay in Qum seventeen days, the place is counted as the holy visiting place in Qum for the honorable of Ahlulbayt lovers.

One year later I have resided in the Haj Mulla Sadiq school, then Han school near holy shrine of M’assuma (peace be upon her) then Alawy School, the dormitory is one my best years in my life even if the substances were poor. I was living by fifty Tuman(Iranian currency) monthly I was taking it from the school and I was never beg my parents for help I was fasting during the day and break the fast with only one meal (piece of bread and yoghurt) or (ARD SHEEREH) I like it very much, I lost weight twenty kg, even some of my family used to pass by near me but they do not recognize me, by all this difficulties I was completely confident, today I fully understand that say: knowledge comes only from hardness poverty and Alienation it look like that God like poverty for the knowledge seekers in their very beginning in order they understand the pain of poverty Deprived and miserable.

I remember when I was visiting Imam Reza (peace be up on him) in my morale teacher house I was out of money by all respect I did not eat in his house, and also did not borrow money from anyone, three days I was struggling with hunger because of it I could not go up the stairs, I met with a friend of mine (sheikh Goumji) he ask me do you want your money which you have lent to me back? I did not remember that money, by laughing I replied why not? This is an unthinkable sustenance it was three hundred Tuman.

I say this to the student to be an experience for them, do not worry about the difficulties of the beginning of Hawza, enjoy that, is a kind of especial god caring. Every day at that time I use to study fourteen lessons between studying teaching studying group with friends, I remember I had study group in lum’a book before the morning pray in the holy shrine of Lady M’suma and pray group by the leader of our virtue Seyid Mar’ashi Annajafi, beside that i have another study group, my time was devoted between study teaching…it is nice time like green leaves was falling down and will never come back from the tree of life.

After five years I left dormitory and return home my second house in order to fill up the empty place which left from the car accident which brought four of my family members in the night of the victory of the Islamic revolution in 22nd of Bahman 1357 when they were going to jamkran in order to pray for the revolution in the mosque of the last Imam they were:  (Hujjatul Islam Seyid Amir and Aqueel and Bintu ULA the author of the book (piramune zane) it is edited) god bless them all. Four years later after this sad event my father pass away in 28th of Shaban in 1403H after he was tracked with a heart fit when he was doing an Islamic jihad job he was fifty five old, may god reward him what he has endured he was an example of endurance and working in the Allah way, God bless him and enter him to his huge paradise by Muhammad and his progeny and revealed to his grave his bounty mercy.
His biography is written in the book (gounjeedyeh danishmandan) book two by the eminent shaykh Muhammad Razee as written in the book (shitareh direhshan) in Persian, and Arabic in the book( Al kawkaboul addurriyi fee hayati Seyid Alawy) and in other place. 
thanks due to allah