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Biography ◄


Cultural activities and social projects

His Study

In the Name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate

His study:

When he was six he enters to the Iranian school in kazemiyya, after finishing his study there he moves with his father to Najaf Al Ashraf in 1387H.  by the directive of his father he starts Hawza religion course, after nine Months of his residence in Njaf city, seyid Muhsin Al hakim asks seyid adel alawy father to represent him in new Baghdad, then seyid Adel and his father move to Baghdad, there he starts frequenting his father course. in sixteenth he completes the beginning level (moghadamati) as well he wears the turban and seminary dress. In a big ceremony in Alawy Mosque in the new Baghdad the same night he starts giving lecture and teaching Islamic practice letter (resalat Amaliya).

After months of exiling the Iranian, from the Bassist Father of seyid Adel alawy was part of this arrival to Iran, He habits in Qum and starts studying of Hawza In Golpaygani school after six years there he graduated and he was part of the firsts students, seyid Adel alawy devoted all his effort for science and self-purifying, he used to attain fourteen lesson every day, between studying teaching and study group.