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His Teaching

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate 

His teaching

Thank god I have been blessed by going to teach primary as well as advance courses in my father Educative complex for many students, my beginning of teaching was there (Alawy complex) in Bagdad 1391H there I taught Islamic practice letter (Ressat Amaliya) and Quran recitation (tazwed) book (hidayatu Almustafeed fee ealm Tazweed) and until now I am teaching, thank god, I have taught more than five times Explanatory of the eleventh part…in the Hejazeet school and Bahraini and the immigrates movement and cultural center in Qum, as I have taught tazreed explanatory twice it is recorded as I taught Luma book many times the last was recorded too, As the book of Makassib commerce (Bay’a) part, and the first part of choices (hiyarat) and kifaya and before many times in different voice centers, and taught sharaee, sharh ibn aqueel,Suyutee, Jamiu Muhaddimat, Muhtassarul Ma’ni, ealm diraya, tafsheer, sheikh Ansari rassael, qawanin, bidayatu al hickma, nihaya, manzouma, I was asked to teach high-level of jurisprudent, religion fundamental, by the respect which I own my great teachers I have leave that, as it is known that the high levels are more than the primaries and  now in our recent hawza, I know some persons who did not study neither teach primary(Muhadimat) level nor intermediates (sutouh) but start straight to advance level (Bahs Hariz) by all of this  is not an obstacle for the people to come to his courses in order to take monthly aide (sahriya) this is a hit to the hawza method and disciplines, Following those people whom showing them self as a religion leader (Marja) but are far from that like lightness and darkness. Only all power and exalted one is, Allah.

Today 1417H I am teaching Makasib book hiyarat, and kifaya, book 2nd in Lebanese school the course is free for all, many students from different nationalities come frequent these courses, I teach also in Hujatiya school, my student are from all around the world about thirteen countries from different continents thank god for his uncountable bestows. I have allowed them to transmit the hadith from my sheikhs, good luck for them and success by serving religion and the people, I beg them to pray for me specially when they are the holy places, the expecting pray places and after my death too, I will not forget in my prays.

These are my lord virtue to me I do not mention them to pleased myself I mention them to reveal the grace of god for me. These all are from God and will return to him. There is no power but God power the great one, if he want goodness for someone he prepare the ground. Regardless of my sins and slips I always get my lord none boundary favors and how was he providing the ground even some of those favors seem to be a miracle for the others, indeed it was only God blessing. I ask God bestow me success and strengthens, and all off the member of knowledge searchers to touch this divine Providence in their scientific and practical life. 

I have asked my lord the Almighty in nights of Qadre as well in Consecutive years to give success for all the seminaries especially those I was with them in the circles of teaching to be part of the scholars, in order to serve religion and the Ahlulbayt school by all of their power with their pen, path, tongue, existence form all of the arena of life Individual and social.

the coming page will deal with name of groups the virtue sheikhs and seyids in hujatiya school- Affiliate to the world center for Islamic teaching- they have been present in my lectures of jurisprudence (fiq), jurisprudence fundamental (USSUL) ethics, QURAN Interpretation, Theology, philosophy   

We have made this list: sheikh Mansour Ahmadiyan-one of the actionist of the school- Thankfully for that, the rest which I was with them during thirty years are from different country and continent, specially the Iranian, Iraqis and the gulf (hijaz, Kuwait Bahrain, Emirate, Masqat, Unman[A1] ) and Lebanese Syrian and others, they are hundreds most of them have become teachers, lectures writers, thank god begging him to straighten them by his hidden and obvious Kindness I will not forget them from my prays, I need their pray in my life either my death too, I need their Intercession, there is I in my inner what they do not know.                  

My advice to friends of hawza is to prioritize teaching in their lifestyle, if there is not another more priority, I considerate teaching the first action for a scholars. I have pinpoint in my mind my father advice his guidance to take the way of haza and teaching (god bless him) he used to tell me I have banned you from everything that take you from continuing jurisprudence (fiqh) and jurisprudence fundamental (Ussul).Thing like these take the son from traveling get-together with other friends

Concerning the teaching it is used to be narrated for me from sheikh Azam_Sheikh Ansari  (my god bless him) some of his students after thirty years of study in Najaf Al Ashraf they wanted to say good bye in order to go back to Iran to Warn their people that they may warn, the moment of Farewell with their teacher they ask him for advice he replays them In your country you deal with three things: group praying, teaching, and judge the first if it is for god do it otherwise do not do it, the second do it anyway teach no matter for God or not, because there are what can bring you to God blesses and lights… reference is enough for Wise man.