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Cultural activities and social projects

His Teachers

 In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

My teacher in Hawza:

It is my pleasure to decorate lines of my life by naming the great and honorable savants and teachers, there are great for me, thanking their virtue and status, may god bestow them the success in the two worlds, and Grant them good in this world and hereafter, I am confused in my situation not know how to thank them, In which field to launched the pen and reins of speech, is it from their good conduct or Ethics, or their farm sea of virtue? And which tongue I applaud them and tongue is disable? And I have Floated around the Kaaba of Ideas and I finished after a while that the best article and The best statement and thanked of the case: is  I to  admit my weakness of incapability to thanks the bless, for sure, apologizing the honorable Is accepted.  

My salutation and praise due to my honorable teachers and I ask god to reward them the best compassion, and best gift, he is the Crown of success and charity.

 Peace be upon you forever my teachers as long as I am alive, begging the Almighty God to offer me opportunity of accomplishing their right I know that is possible for God to offer me that.

Science of theology:

I have study (Aquaedul Islamiya) with Ayatollah my father (May God bless him) I was attending three years in Seyid Golpaygani school with honorable sheikh Al Muttaqui sheikh Abdul Alquyem Ashustary (Long Blessings due to him) and RADD FIRKHATU ADDALAL the bahaist  with Khudratullah Annajafi (Long Blessings due to him) and the sharh of the book eleventh with the eminent Alalama Ayatollah sheikh Ghulam Reza Salawaty ((Long Blessings due to him)) and with the Eminent Alama Sheikh Ali PANAH (Long Blessings due to him)

Science of Ethics:

my first guide and educator is my father (may god bless him) he taught me (Jamiu Sa’adat) and another stars of Dignity and statue as sheikh Abdul karim Hamid ((Long Blessings due to him)) the most remarkable students of sheikh Rajab Ali Alhayyat he was his secretary, he was like a shadow for him during 25years. And sheikh Ashatiri ((Long Blessings of God due to him)) and the greatest Ayatollah our seyid Marashi Anajafi (God bless his Saul)

Science of Grammar:

I have study pages of the first part in Nahwul Wadih With seyid Hussein Sadr (may his honor last) and six parts of Nahwul Wadih  first and second of the book sharh Ibn Aquil with my father (God bless his soul) and suyuti with venerable sheikh Ghulam Reza Alami, and Mughni allabid with the venerable literate the Eminent seyid Jawad Attalqani God keep them safe, in Golpaygani school

      Science of Semantics and the statement:

 Ballagha Alwadihat with my father God bless him and the Muhtassaru Alma’ani with Ayatollah Sheikh Hassan Tahrani (may his bless last forever) and Mutawil with the honorable seyid the literate Allama seyid Muhssen Al Jorjani (May his bless last forever).     

Science of Logic:

The Hulassatu Mantiq and Mantiq of Mujaffar (may God bless his soul) with my father God bless him, and hasiyatu Mula Abdullah with the eminent Alama Ayatollah sheikh zeinu al Abideena Albakuey (may his bless last forever)

Science of philosophy:

The first part of Manzuma with the eminent Alama sheikh Ansari Shirazi and the second part with Alama Ayatollah sheikh Muhammad Aljilani and five parts of Asfar with Alama Ayatollah Seyid Reza Sadr and Muhadarat fee Sharh Almanzuma with Ayatollah the martyr Murtaza Mutahari (God bless the past and save the rest)

The science of fundamental of jurisprudence:

Malimu deen with my father (God bless his soul) and with the Eminent sheikh Murtaza Ayatollah Almughtadayi, and ussul Almuzaffar with the Eminent Alama Ayatollah Sheikh Hassan Attahrani, and ghawanin with Alama Ayatollah sheikh Muhseen duzduzani (may his bless last forever) and Mabahissu Alqat wa zann from the book Rassael with Ayatollah Sheikh Abil Hasshim Almahmudi Alishtihardi(may his bless last forever) and Mabahessu Bara’a and Istishab with Allama Ayatollah seyid Abil Fadl Mussawe tabrizy and kifaya the first volume with Ayatollah sheikh Muhammad fadel and the second volume with Ayatollah the eminent sheikh Muhammad taqiy Setudeh, and a complete round, eight years the bahs harij ussul fiq with  the eminent sheikh jawad tabrizee (may his bless last forever) eight years I join this two Ussul in order to gather the two usul Najaf and Qum by knowing that sheikh Jawad tabrizee he is student of seyid Huee and sheikh fadel was one of Imam(God bless his soul)  student  and attend months Harij Ussul with Ayatollah Uzma Waheed Hurasani (may his bless last forever)  and Ayatollah UZMA Seyid Muhammad Ruhani (God bless his soul)        

Science of jurisprudence

The first and second volume of Minhaju Assaliheen by Seyid Alhakim, and the letter of Seyid Huee (God bless his soul) and Muhtassar Anafih and Shara’eh Islam with my father (God bless his soul) and the kitabu Salat of Urwatu wusqua with Ayatollah Sheikh Hussein Taqwa (may his bless last forever) and the first volume of explanatory of Luma book with Allama Ayatollah Sheikh Ghulam Reza Salawati (may his bless last forever) and the second volume with Ayatollah Almughtada’ee (may his bless last forever) in Seyid Golpaygani school and the complete Makasib with Ayatollah Sheikh Setududeh (may his soul last forever) and Bahsh Harij in fiq the beginning with Ayatollah Uzma Seyid Mouhamad Reza Golpaygani three years the book Alqada and the book of Kissas with Ayatollah Uzma Seyid Marashi Najafi (may god bless his soul) and around fourteen years the book of Taharat with the eminent Ayatollah Zawad Tabrizee (may his bless last forever) I have written a report about drussu Alharij-Fiq Ussul- thanks God the book of (Quissas Ala dawi Al Quran Wassuna) in three volumes and I attended two years in the book of Salat with Ayatollah Seyid Reza Assadr (may God bless his soul) as I have attended months in the eminent Ayatollah Uzma Seyid Ruhani course by his coming from Najaf Al Ashraf to Qum the book Bay’a of Makassib

Science of Quran recitation and other Sciences

The science of Quran recitation with the Eminent father (may god bless his soul) and Explanation of Quran with Ayatollah Sheikh Hussein Attaqwa  and ayatollah Sheikh Abdulah Jawadi Amoli and Nahjul Balagha with the Eminent Alama Ayatollah Uzma Sheikh Hussein Nurri and psychology and  history of religions with Alama Sheikh Muhammad Ali Ishaq, and hay’a science with Alama Ayatollah Sheikh Hassan zadeh Amuli and the Hulassatu al Hissab with Allama Seyid Jawad zehni and the Science of Diraya and Rejal with the Eminent Ayatollah Uzma Seyid Mussa Shubayri Azanjani(may his bless last forever)

God bless my honorable teachers and reward them the best reward peace be up on them all Forever and ever