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His family

In the Name of God the most Gracious The most Merciful

My family.

I Thank God the glory one for what he has given to me in my conjugal life, surely i am the most successful on that.

when i was twenty seven years old in my life after I have attended more than three years in the Bahs hariz (Post graduation of hawza) I have started the process of marriage, by the grace of Allah, I have married to one of the kazimeen descendant of prophet, from haydariyat prophet descendent, seyidat bintul_ula haydariyat daughter of seyid Muhammad sadiq son of Ayatullah sayyid Jafar son of Ayatullah sayid Ibrahima son of Ayatullah seyid haydar Al haydary the grandfather of the prophet descendent of haydariyat, descendant of  our Chief and Master Imam AL Hassan Al_Muztaba (Peace be upon him) she is related to the Imam Al_Hassan by 38 intermediaries as I am related to the Imam Al_Husein the master of the martyrs by 37 intermediaries may God reward and pays  her the reward for her endeavor and her endurance, God have given me from her four women and five men.  

They are:

     I.        Seyid Muhammad Ali was born on tuesday 24th of zeelqadat at 22h 1405H.

    II.        Seyid Ali Muhammad his twin has been died in the day of his born he was seyid Muhammad Mohsen (May God make him as a treasure for me and for all) he was born on 23rd of Rabeeu thiani at the 4/30 pm4 1406H.

  III.        Seyid Muhammad Hassan was born on Friday 10th of Zeel Hezza at 8h 1412H.

   IV.        Seyid Muhammad Husein was born on Friday 21rst Ramadan 04h 20m 1413H.
Asking God the omnipotence to make them the Shia of master of believers Ali (peace be upon him) and companions of our Master Imam Zaman peace be upon him, and part of the savant of jurisprudents of the prophet household.   
I have allowed my sons and daughters and my faithful family too generation after generation the narration of hadiths from my Eminent sheikhs.   
I have told them all and the faithful specially the religion students to be pious and to have a strong faith and pure work and to scarify their life for shack of Ahlul _bayt peace be upon them, and perform the five prays in their right time specially in the group, because it is a blessing and it  is duty for them to perform Night pray (salatu layl) and reading the holy Coran and focus on supplication (dua) and visiting the purified  Aimmat and their families and the men of God, and make a lot of zikr and Istighfar (asking God pardon) specially in the time before  dawn, and do not lose  hope of God blessing, he forgives all the sins except polytheism, and  they have to be always thinking and contemplating and meditating, and attaching  on the Ahlul bayt (peace be upon them) Alwilaya! Alwilaya! and they have to care about the good moral and good neighboring and to serve people for the shack of god, and act with sincerity toward every one and to be God lover and be careful of the right of the others specially the parent rights and for them to search useful knowledge and act according it, and waiting for the appearance of the last Imam may god rise him soon.  
And our last pray is that: praise due to Allah the lord of Universes

O, my creator grants me from your presence a pure progeny; (Ali Imran 38) 
O, our creator! Make the two of us obedient and submissive to your will; and of our progeny a nation submitted to your will. (Al baqarah128).
O; our Creator keeps me and my progeny safe from rejected devil.
O, my creator make me to establish prayer and also some from my offspring; O; our creator please accept my invocation (Ibrahim 40)
O; our creator and Nurturer ! grant us wives and children to be the joy of our eyes (Alfurqan74) 
I have asked God a lot _ especially in the Nights of qadr and years, To make me a martyr on his proper way in the cause of the custody of ahlul bayt (peace be up on them) I will not Give up on waiting it, god bless me by visiting them in this word and in hereafter their intercession and make my passing away in their custody and resurrected me with their group, make my life their life and my dead theirs, make my behavior theirs, make my education theirs. From God I shack success and steadfast. He is always benediction hearer. And our last pray is that: praise due to Allah the lord of Universes.       
The servant of God