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Thanks and apology

In the Name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate.

Thanks and apology

Proceeding from the holy Hadith saying ((Whoever does not praise the creature will not thank the Creator)) I give a celebrate thanks and praise to all whom has been cause of my science and practical success in Hawza as well as in social, specially my parents God bless them and reward them the best reward O lord forgive them as they have educated me.

Thanks due to my honorable teachers and sheikhs my Faithful friends and family.

As well as friends whom they have written lines from my life in their value writing such as: 

1-The honorable writer sheikh Fadel Al furati Al Iraqi in his book (Azamatu Amir Amuminin) 1417H

2- The powerful writer and preacher eminent Sheikh Hussein Sabah Al hijzy in his book (sheikh Muhammad Ali Numr Al awami Fuyudat Wujudihi) 1418H 

3- The eminent preacher and writer Sheikh Fadel Almasudi AL Iraqi in his book asrraru fatimiya

4- The library of Ayatollah Al Uzma Seyid Mar’ashi Najafi in the Book: Al Quissas Aladawee Quran wa sunna

5-The virtue singer and writer Sheikh Ali Asghar Eejaz Alhindi in the book: Horshid Faqaha and the Magazine Al Islah) In Urdu.

I apologize, what was issued and the slip away of pen and goof speech, the honorable person accept apologize, I have forgave all believers, doing this as a sign of being approach to God the exalted one even who critics this message thinking that I do it by flattering myself or I was complicated one and I want to fill up my existence emptiness, far from this I swear may be I have given some references which in the future will be not my advantage but will be my disadvantage. My only goal is to render thanks to my teachers first  and spread the doctrine by giving the permission of transferring hadiths for my students  and make seminaries students to love knowledge and work by endurance and organization because knowledge when you give it all your power time… it gives you some of his, and It comes up with me by experience and prove that the most important of seeking knowledge is in two points they are endurance and organization, a knowledge seeker have to be endured and organized one in his life, in organization the studies his lessons without any marginalization and mutations they have to know that only forbearance of our ancestors may god bless their souls had set up this hawza and produce this great men and scholars in every field of science, we have to follow this strong paths if not we will be Plagued with a weak foundation of knowledge and ethic in our hawza.

My recommendation is: Forbearance and organization! And Useful knowledge and good working this world is world of work hereafter is the reward place, the matter is not the coming people toward you or their going away from you, their praised or curse, God says: let them and go straight as you have been ordered. God defends whom believe, Only God is Suffice and enough for me he is the best helper.

Our last appeal is: all kind of thanks due to Allah the lord of the worlds

The servant: Adel Alawy. Qom hawza