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Cultural activities and social projects

Report and Guidance Institution


In the name of God the merciful the most beneficent

For destroying a conflict which nations are living with from their past to their present, the fundamental key of it is cultural aspect, as an interesting animator of endorsement of that events and goals which that threats goes around. That is only because of its deep effect which culture let in its positive and negative direction for human because it is the fundamental motif which it circles the existence of a society and shows the features of its present and future.

That’s why an oblique and deviant culture is considered as the strongest threats which our Islamic nation is dealing with as a strong attack to the authenticity, message, entity, doctrine of the Nation, all battles which the nations are coping with are nothing before cultural aspect, it is an extortion of lightened mind occupation of the land of soul, in order to pull out the flower, replacing it by spines.    

Because of the interests of the subject and its sensitivity Islam has given it a big importance, it is a fundamental science of collective changes, because, it is a way of reforming nation by a right culture nation could be change, as Islam is a living religion and lasted one, it will not be limited only in this world satisfaction but a satisfaction of the two worlds, and through the high and complete integration in order to reach the target of which he has been created for. 

In the beginning of Islam cultural aspect has played a remarkable role in creation of a new human being by changing cultures of Pre-Islamic which was spread at time which was funded on corrupt values and different habits and Unjust laws, to be replaced by good values, justice and equality and freedom to open the mind to the prospects for the future by freeing them from myth and deviation, to put before him a complete doctrine of theism and the beautiful Islamic ethics, and the organism of complete life, by this effort and good conduct the society has been living a best state known in the history of human being and burst through it the hidden power and the soul of friendship and faith, people breathe the air of freedom and taste the flavor of a real bless.        

When Muslim are far from their religion and rebuff all most its prophets teaching they will face the misc of the enemies on them and control over their power, and they stilling their wealth and controlling their sanctities and mocking them, if it is not the intervention of the right leadership of the Imams of Islam was about to omit. Around them was circles of righteous custodians aiming to attack one and another breaking and destroying plots, giving prices wealth and souls enduring difficulties and going over them, explaining the realities and disclosure them with what god has offered them of knowledge which they have Inherited from the prophet of Islam, then he orders the Nation to follow them and drinking from their kawthiar basin and introduce them the second weight after Quran. The holly prophet said: I will let behind me two heavies: the holly book of God and my family if you follow them you will not go astray. As prophet gives an example saying that they are like the only safe vessel as narrated in Hadith my household are like the vessel of Noah who ever get in that vessel has been saved, and who does not get in that boat will sink and lost the right way. By this coexistence beside the Quran they want even in the period of Mahdi absence not leave the people without guide in this period of absence, then he has ordered the nation to refer to them, as he said: if there is new events refer to our Hadith experts. The savants of Islam have welcome this order by open chest, and by height intention and soul, without paying any attention of balms, knowing their responsibilities in keeping the message safe and spreading the saint doctrine. They did not play this role by being sever on them for this they have stayed nights and days, and gave a honorable sacrifices, then world today starts to bear that fruit and many knowledge have came up from their fingers. Their finger prints have marked all around the world enlightening every where history has shown us this clearly. They do not limited in one and specific field of knowledge or one country, every time they know it is favorable they take this occasion. By their hard working and effort many institutes and groups has been set up which are known every where and their glory also is proved, the leader of this is the hawza, which has produce many scholars.

After the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran with the leadership of the Islamic scholars by the support of masses of believers wrapped around them It found in the scientific arena in general and Islam specially is a turning point of history which no one have seen it earlier except the revolution which people have witnessed in the prophet and his successor (Ali) time. This revolution has gave back Islam his honor and glory and implanted in their soul power of sacrifice. And also flourished the values of noble Ethics irrigated in their souls confidence in the tree of real Islam in order to shade from it shadow humanity under the atmosphere of love and affection.

This is an Islamic awakening which was not abandonable in anywhere on earth which the cause of a lot of people asking and making search about islam in order to know it and its different parts, to put men and women in the same balance, and also differents levels of the society, that what makes the scholars to make more efforts in order to indorse the Islamic cultures to each one who need it, in reality setting up Complexes and institutes of charities and cultural one of them is the eminent seyid Adel Alawy who has funded some of charity projects of this foundations is: international Islamic institute for propaganda and guidance it is necessary to introduce this institute which has played a important role in Islamic propaganda.

This institute was funded in the city of Qum birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi in fifteen of Shaban 1410H. Its principal Goals forming conscious seminary students and promulging Islam and the doctrine of household of prophet (peace be up on him) all around the world in promoting and spreading books and doctrines of household of prophets in different Languages and sending them free all over the world.             

This institute in twenty years has done this works:

1.      Printed and published 164 islamic books

2.     Forming groups of scholars and preachers in holy kazemein 


3.     Building Dispensary of Imam Sajad (peace be upon him) in Qum

4.      Issuing the monthly Sawtul kazemein 


5.     Sending more than thousand books for its represents in more than forty countries

6.     There is a group of question and answer that was founded in 

1398 H

7.     Issuing the Usshaq Ahlul Bayt three-master  Magazine in Urdu

Recently we have four thousands Members in the five continents.

Editorial staff in the Sawtul kazemein newspaper